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I have a new foster Mommy with 6 kittens (pics)!

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Introducing Natalie, the proud Momma of 6 daughters! Here she is with 2 of them.

And the kittens-one orange girl, 2 pastel torties, and 3 dark torties! (Only 4 are in this pic, the other two were still with Momma in the carrier!)

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How sweet! Momma looks young... how old is she?
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Oooh.. we don't get to see too many orange girls around here! What a pretty litter!
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Aaww, what sweet little loves, and such a beautiful Mommy!Welcome, Natalie and family!
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Originally Posted by Godiva
How sweet! Momma looks young... how old is she?
Natalie is 1-1/2 years old. She was an inside cat all her life, and her owner started babysitting 2 male kittens...oops! For personal reasons, she is unable to keep her, and found my foster agency (Second Chance Pet adoption) to take them in.

The kittens were 3 weeks old yesterday, so they are already at the cute age. And their previous owner has a young teenage all the babies are totally tame. I feel very lucky to have such cuties...but can you imagine how much tortitude will be showing when these girls get a little older? I've only ever had 2 torties. Sugartoes was a dream, but her daughter Smartie was such a stinker! LOL!
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What adorable babies!! I wish I could adopt them all!
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Here's an old pic of little Smartie...she would sit behind the cage, in a 2 inch space. The only place in the kitty room where I could not get to her! What a tease! I wonder if she is a handful for the people who adopted her?!?

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And my other tortie...Sugartoes. She was a doll. My first TCS foster...I posted all about her here! It took 7 months for her to get adopted, so she was really a member of our family for a while! Isn't she pretty?!?
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Beautiful babies!
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Natalie is darling. the picture of the babies, how the one lighter colored tortie has its little arm across her sister...
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They are awfully cute! She was nursing them in the carrier in the car, but since coming into my house Natalie is UPSET!

My plan was to put them all in the cage (a kitty condo with lots of room) for the first day or two. Natalie, aka NaNa, was so lovey dovey in the car! But the moment we walked into my house, she began to growl. So I put the kittens into the cage, and left her in the carrier right next to the cage, and figured she would join the kittens.

Nope. She is under ds's bed. She is still hissing at me if I try to approach her, although I did pet her a few times in the she hissed and growled at me!

So I have backed off, and 3 hours later she is just further under my son's bed. Hopefully she doesn't hurt herself...his room is NASTY!
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Here she is, hiding under the bed.

The last time I checked on her, she was all the way back in the corner! But the kittens are resting in a nice quiet kitten pile.

I sprayed some Feliway around, hopefully she will calm down and go feed the babies when they start to cry.

DS is gone until tomorrow, so she will have plenty of alone time. The funniest thing is that his ex-girlfriend's name is Natalie!
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Awww....she's gorgeous! I personally love the name Natalie!

I love the grey kittens! I have always thought they were cute. Are they the grey/orange coloring?
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Yes, the gray kittens have a little bit of peachy orange color on them, so they are dilute torties! I only held them to put them into the cage. I don't want to upset Momma by spreading my smell on them. But they are so adorable, I am itching to play with them some more!
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What beautiful babies! And mom is quite a looker herself. You're a lucky lady to have soo many pretty kitties around!
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Yes, they are so beautiful. However, my plan of keeping them in a cage has fallen apart. Last night Natalie moved the kittens, probably under ds's bed! I am afraid to look too hard, since she is being very protective. They are 3 weeks old, so old enough to cry if they need anything, and they are being very quiet.

She did eat a good breakfast this am. And I put a second litterbox in the room, since she has not used the one in the cage yet. I think she only went in there long enough to get her babies out. So they are off the clean blankets on the vacuumed area of the floor. There is an old blanket on the floor under the bed...probably hasn't been washed forever. But if she feels safer.

However, I know the kittens (and my son) would be safer if the babies were contained. I'm sure he will be thrilled when he gets home today...not only is his room housing the new fosters, but the Momma is being protective. And they are all uncaged, so in no time he will have 7 cats sleeping in bed with him...possibly pottying on his floor and tearing up his stuff!
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Well, after church I went into the room, to find Natalie with her tail puffed up, coming towards me, growling! I told dh, and he went in there. He has a very different take on it.

He went into the room, and knelt down, and held out his hand. He said she came to him for pets. Yes, she is growling and hissing, but he believes she is growling and hissing at the kittens, for them to stay hidden where they are "safe". He thinks she is very nervous from the changes, but that she is a nice kitty.

Her previous owner said she was nice, too, so this makes more sense. Now I have to try to not feel scared when she is growling and hissing, so she doesn't pick up scared feelings from me. She has been doing an odd snuffling sound, it is probably her warning the kittens.

When I can get to them, I'll post more pics. They really are adorable, but if Momma is taking good care of them, I will just let her be the boss at this point. Hopefully Natalie will calm down soon, and feel safer in her new home!
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Well, after spending more time with Natalie, I think dh is wrong. She is on high alert! If she begins to settle down, the noise in the house (my kids) gets her growling again. I am now carrying a towel to shoo her when I go into the room, because she is a little scary. Not that I think she will just attack me, but as I am trying to put food down, etc...

The kittens did come out after I was in there for a while. She is definitely growling at me, not them. They are totally friendly, and I was able to get pics of 4. I just didn't want to upset her further by getting the last two...I only picked them up when they walked away from her and towards me.

Here is one tortie girl, with an orange stripe on her nose! The little dilute tortie has an orange nose, too. (Sorry, no pic!)

A tortie with orange around her eyes!

The larger dilute tortie...sorry the flash washed out her color a little.

And a blurry pic of the ginger girl.
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Bad news. Natalie is really being viscious. I posted about her on the feral board. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it!
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