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Anybody watching the Eurovision Song Contest?

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It's been on for the past half hour - a "boy band" from Latvia is performing right now.
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I've never watched it for years, but i saw it advertised tonight.
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What channel is it on?
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It looks like Lordi, a hard rock band from Finland that dresses up in monster costumes, is going to win. I liked them the best, which prompted Robert to tell me I had "no taste". He liked Romania and Bosnia.
Finland has won, with 292 points!
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okay im watching it!

Those monsters are scary~
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Originally Posted by fwan
What channel is it on?
ARD, but it has just ended.
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Where did the UK get to?
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It was on das erste here.
Its okay i wasnt keen on watching it anyway
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Where did the UK get to?
at the bottom, number 17 or 18 i think?
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I really didn't take notice, Susan, because I didn't like the number they did - a hip hop number which plagiarized "The Wall". Germany didn't do well, either. They had a Country & Western song written and performed by an Englishwoman with a German back-up band. The band drowned her out.
I just checked the BBC website: Britain was 19th:
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I think the UK went over the edge a few years ago with the rubbish they performed
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I hadn't watched it for years, but tonight an American friend came over who had never watched it but had heard of it, so we sat down with a bottle of wine (the only way to watch it in my opinion) and roared with laughter. It is so much a parody of a parody of itself. But by the end we were rooting for Bosnia. We came third! Yay!
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Bosnia was very good, but didn't perform in English, French, or Spanish, which nowadays means "forget it". I've been trying to find a link to the Lordi song, but all the sites are completely overloaded right now.
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You could try the BBC site Tricia if you haven't already - it was working earlier. Here is the link.

I enjoyed the German entry - didn't do anything significant in the voting though did it!
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I haven't watched the program (the music is generally too cheesy for me) but a newspost sent me here to listen to Lordi:

It's not even real Metal, it's just "hard-sounding" eurovision pop. I think it's real funny they won though.

The Dutch sent a trio of girls who sing in a made-up language and play djembé, they didn't make it to the finals, no one here was really surprised. The Belgians apparently were surprised their song/act didn't make it , their artist Kate Ryan is really popular and her song has been a big hit before the festival. I heard the song on the radio today and it seemed quite OK.
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Most of the links are experiencing too much traffic right now. Here's a clip of their song (not the live Eurovision version):
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Great show this year I thought - cheesy and kitsch and best viewed accompanied by alcohol and chocolates! My first real giggle came with the german entry - gotta love that "choreography" The UK haven't a hope in hell of doing well these days - it doesn't matter what the song is as nobody else in Europe likes us so we don't get any votes It's hard to explain the Eurovision Song Contest to those who've never seen it - here in the UK it's a huge joke and so camp and gloriously kitsch that it's great entertainment - so bad it's good kind of thing. Some of the countries take it deadly serious though, eg the Balkan states who are fairly recent participants. There's a lot of political voting goes on with neighbouring countries voting for each other year after year. Then there's Terry Wogan's commentary - it just wouldn't be the same without Terry! Sometimes I watch it with subtitles on - as it's live the subtitles are often a cause of unintentional hilarity.
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Ill watch it next year with a bottle of wine!
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I agree about Terry - I was trying to explain to my American friend what made it so special with him commentating! But we both ended up rolling around in laughter anyway, even with a Bosnian commentary, that fortunately didn't take itself too seriously. I love the political voting - and how it changes. A few years ago Lithuania would never have voted for Russia. I am sure there is a PhD thesis in there somewhere!
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Didn't watch it in ages... not yesterday either. I heard Israel came almost last.
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Anne, I was at the computer when Israel performed, and had to get up to see what country was performing a "Gospel" number. My husband cracked up when I said, "That's the Israeli entry?!?!!!" Most of the singers were apparently U.S. imports.
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