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Has anyone bought cat trees off eBay?

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I'd like to get Puppy a cat tree, but they're really expensive. They are ridiculously cheap on eBay though. Are these people legit though? I mean, I'm seeing $200-$400 cat trees being sold for under $20. Has anyone succesfully bought their cat tree this way? Who did you buy from?

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i havent. but the thing is, the shipping is going to hurt.. even though you can get it for 20, you're still going to be paying anywhere from 60-150... plus i hear alot are not that stable...
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i just got one off ebay from aramarkat-- LOVE It so do the cats-- i paid a total of 65 bucks for it and that included shipping. Its like 5 ft tall and is very very sturdy! I took a pic of it with PB on it but havent uploaded it to my site yet-- ill try to get it up for ya this weekend!
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I knew a girl who won a tree for about $20 and had a great experience. What really gets you, though, is the shipping costs!
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I have bought one off ebay last year, and one this year. Both from aramarkat they are wonderfull sturdy. even pretty. trees
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I got 2 from amakrat(dont think thats the right spelling lol) I got a smaller one for $20 shipping included and one over 5ft and that was $65 including shipping, so i got both for under $100!! Once i get some more $ im gonna get them a bigger size from the same ebay seller.

And it arrived fast and was easy to put together
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I won a tree from Amarakat (spelling?) for about $40-45 after shipping and my girls love it. I love that seller and highly recommend them. Just keep bidding until you get the price you like. I bid for almost a month before getting the tree I wanted at the price I wanted.
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I also got a tree of Armakart. I paid like $70 all together. If you do a search in the fur pics forum for my username you can probably find the thread where I posted the pics and the details. We've had it a few months now and my girls still love it to pieces. After we open the window, all we see is the backsides of the cats because they are glued to the view!
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See the thread "cat towers" under care and grooming
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I too purchased an Armakart(sp?) cat tree off ebay. I think it was $25 + 30-40 for shipping. You can order direct from them as well, check out their website. It is the same merchandise, but more $$, but shipping is free I think (havent been there in a long time).

I got the smallest one I think. NOt a great pic, but it is what I got:
(and yes, sturdy, once I figured out how to put the screws in right )
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I got a 6'-6" cat tree for $26 plus $60 shipping and handling. I am VERY happy with it! I got it from Pigearfactory. I priced cat trees from Petsmart and they were not as nice as this one and was very expensive. The closest one that I saw to mine was over $300 and it was very shoddy. My cats love it! In fact, one of them is sleeping on one of the purches right now
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i got my Armarkat tree from eBay. $20, plus $51 shipping, so total $71. you can see the pic of it here. very sturdy, altho i did attach it to the wall, just as a precaution - Chip weighs 14 pounds - Cable & Java will have races on it! the seller was petisfun.
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