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I know there are many threads on this subject and I've tried everything. but my kitten is still biting alot.. We've tryied the attention on the toy, picking him up and puting him away from us and saying no, even ignoring him.. I know its not the attention thing for we do pet him, he'll just run up and starting bitting us.. Any other ideas
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Yes. Keep doing what you're doing...as in, putting him back in his "room", ignoring him, offering a toy, etc. Because it can take quite awhile for kittens to learn things, and a lot of patience on your part. They are so much like children, in that they need consistency, and perseverance on your part.

The minute he nips, you put him back. This may mean that he's only around for about 10 seconds. That's okay. He'll get the idea. Once he's calmed down, then he can rejoin you. If he's letting you play with him, and is not preying from your hands, praise him, and give him treats. If he nips, he's going back! EACH AND EVERY TIME! Eventually, this will work. Be persist!
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o.k. and great knews. I got Noah and Kitty in the same room. but Kitty is still growling and hissing and swatting at Noah.. but alot better then from when we got him.. we had them seperated for 1 week so i though i'd let him out and start letting Kitty getting use to him.
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Is Kitty the kitten? Or is Noah?

If Kitty is aggressing on Noah, it's most likely play aggression...it shouldn't be taken too seriously, as ugly as it can look sometimes. Fergus and Ripley (my adult pair) enjoy taking turns wrestling and tusseling with little Steuben, who is only 11 weeks. This can be unnerving, since Ferg is about 18 lbs. You can tell when it's serious, and when it's playful, though.

I'm glad there's progress! And it will get a little better each day!
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Kitty is the adult. Noah is the kitten.. its just Kitty still hisses and growls at noah. but are getting better
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