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cat trees and scratching posts

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Okay I got Tavia a scratching post and she doesn't like it and I had planned on getting her a cat tree now but I wonder if I should sense she doesn't like her post. Anyone have any cats who like cat trees but not scratching posts
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I recently bought my two cats a tree. One of mine likes a scratching post, but the other doesn't. Neither of them messed with the tree at first; it took about 2 good weeks for them to play on it, but now you can't keep them off it if you tried!!
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have you tried getting a floor scratch mat. some cats are vertical scracher and some are horizontal.. i dont know why.. My cat is both :p but i'm sure they would love a cat tree cuz cats love to get as high as they can because they are queens/kings of the house.
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I started out with a small scratching post, and only Phineas would scratch it; the other ignored it. When I got a cat tree, however, they all began using the tree.
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It all depends on how tall the scratch post is. Anything that is shorter than a full body stretch is usually ignored in my house - the shortest scratch post that is used here is about 3 feet tall. They absolutely love the cat trees cause they can stretch out on them.
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one of my cats love sisal and cardboard to scratch. the other one loves carpet. >:| so i have sisal wrapped posts and carpet wrapped posts. trying to please everyone gets a wee bit expensive, eh?
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I wrap 3/8 " twine all the way around a piece of thin plywood about 2 feet long by 6 inches wide. I have about 10 of these I hang on door knobs, different levels of their kitty condo etc... Both my bengals really like to scratch them instead of scratching furniture. I also have a couple scratch mats they seem to enjoy. The mistake most people make is they don't have enough scratch pads around and they wonder why their cats scratch the wrong things.
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I made a pretty neat scratching post (well two really) for about $40 total (together so I $20 each). I got a roll of cement tubing, cut it in half, attached it to plywood circles with L-brackets, and weighted the inside with a water filled paint canister (though anything heavy would work). Here's the trick though! I hated the idea of wrapping twine (I'm lazy) so I bought a carpet that has ridges in it (http://www.tekstilconcepts.com/produ...oth-1700.shtml) so it simulates the ridges of the twine and the cats love it! You place the carpet so the ridges are horizontal or parallel to the ground and staple away! Not only that, but at $2 a foot (and only two feet needed) it's cheap and easy to replace. I've made a few of them now for friends and family and all the cats seem to really take to it.
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