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Where does your cat sleep

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Tavia sleeps with me. I work nightshift and when I am at work she plays alot and she also sleeps in my bed. She enjoys sleeping on the laundry in the bathroom but luckily she only likes dirty laundry the dog likes the clean laundry. And Tavia sleeps on my bed especially after I have just washed the sheets and the blanket. And when I first go to bed she lays ontop of me. She woke me up this morning (I didn't work last night) meowing for her breakfast. Very spoiled girl she is.
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Jaz always sleeps on the bed with me. Usually tucked under my arm with her head under my chin If i am fidgeting she will steal my pillow from under me

Izzy sleeps on the bed when Pete is on nights, otherwise she sleeps downstairs on the sofa. Our Izz can snore, boy can she snore

Jake sleeps on the floor, either in our room or the spare. He usually lies on his side with all his legs kinda screwed up, doesn't look very comfy to me
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All 4 of my Siamese sleep in bed with me. My persian sleeps on his window bed he never comes into any of the bedrooms. Which is odd. He does though if we have a window open.
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Well considering mine are indoor/outdoor, I dont know where they sleep if they are outside-but inside they pretty much sleep EVERYWHERE! My bed, my daughters bed, the windows, floor,couch, chair, u name it, they have probly slept there.
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My two have their favorite spots, Katie sleeps in the big overstuffed chair in the living room or with me if dad is out of town and Black sleeps either on the couch or in his favorite hiding spot underneath my dresser in my bedroom.

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My darling Shenandoah and Humble both sleep in the bed with me. Shenandoh sleeps on one side and Humble on the other. I am sandwiched in the middle..
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Reilly sleeps with me at night, he alternates between my neck, my feet and his own little bed
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Since i have a queen size bed all to my self, teufel will either take the bottom space up or on the other side.
Kaylee will either sleep under the blanket with me and when its too hot for her she will climb out and lay next to me, or simply curl up and put her self in between my butt and legs!

Otherwise they sleep on their cat tree, teufel sleeps on my computer chair, and kaylee will sleep on top of the bookshelf or on top of the waldrobe
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Limerick sleeps at the foot of my bed... He use to curl up on my pillow....
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In my house, the better question would be where don't they sleep
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My oldest cat (12) used to sleep around my neck when she was a kitten, then anywhere she wanted, and now (for about the last year) sleeps either curled up next to my tummy (I sleep on my side) or between me and my husband if it's chilly or the airconditioning is on, and alternates all night between us in the bed, and sleeping on the rug in front of the toilet
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My cats take turns sleeping in the bed. Usually at our feet since we move alot. They like to sleep at the top of the cat tree since we moved it to thew bedroom. If they find clean laundry they sleep there too.

EVERYONE sleep sin the bedroom, and if I get up at night, they all follow me downstairs........then follow me back up again to go back to be I love my cats!
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Originally Posted by fwan
Since i have a queen size bed all to my self, teufel will either take the bottom space up or on the other side.

Same here.

I have to kick her out though at 5am, that's when she wakes up for food. Damned instincts. She'll start running around and stuff, then when I kick her out she'll attack the door about every 20 min so.....
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We usually have at least three or four in bed with us at any given point during the night, though they sometimes choose to sleep on the couch or the cat trees or in their own beds instead, for part or all of the night.
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Lukas sleeps with me under the top sheet & the comforter at the very bottom of the bed-heaven forbid he gets under the top sheet because we then have a royal Siamese fit & the mouth doesn't stop until he's where he wants to be -by morning he's on my pillow pushing my head off-
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Sebastian sleeps in bed with me or right inside my doorway on the floor. But mostly he starts out in bed with me...I think i move too much and he gets annoyed with me LOL

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Trout is not allowed in our room at night generally. But I am trying to make the conversion now so she is able to sleep in our room without waking us up every hour.
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats
My persian sleeps on his window bed he never comes into any of the bedrooms. Which is odd. He does though if we have a window open.
Mine too. I thought it was wierd. Except mine sleeps downstairs on a little tiny patch on cement. She never comes upstairs to the room except when im sick, than she will lay on my chest.
My other one sleeps on the foot of my side of the bed.
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I think a good question is where don't the cats sleep?
Mine sleep anywhere they think is comfy- the carpet, the cat tree, the cat condo. They also have a lot of their own beds in the basement. Suzie sometimes sleeps underneath chairs. Cookie once feel asleep on the floor at the base of the cat condo and we got pics, so cute.
Zakk often sleeps in a cat bed on hubbys night stand. Rocky spends a lot of time at night by my feet. Occ he is bad and does feet attack! Rocky also naps on the couch when I'm watching TV! The other cats don't spend as much time in the bedroom at night.
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