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Daily Thread May 20

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Good morning all!

Hope everyone is having a great Victoria Day weekend so far I love long weekends

2 of Jeff's friends came over last night to see our new place, and today my best friend & maid of honor is coming over to iron out some more wedding plans. Should be fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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I am enjoying a weekend of nothing after a long week of work

Maybe a picnic at the botanical gardens if the weather holds out, it says no rain but I can see those grey clouds
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Woke up at 5:30, killed off a pot of coffee, checked in here and a couple of other sites. Was in and out of WalMart, by 7:10 and made stop at the grocery store. By 8:00, the back yard was raked and shoveled (I'm feeding those dogs TOO well ).

The library opens, in a few minutes and I need to go stock up, for the week. Guess that I'd better wash the dishes - I dirtied my LAST clean coffee cup, this morning. One load of laundry, shave my legs, do my nails and I'll have the rest of the day to goof off
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I marked some tests, did some preparations for school, my nails, and the laundry, then got lazy and read a book (Ian Rankin's The Flood). Right now I'm going between my notebook and the TV, as hubby is watching the Eurovision Song Contest.
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I woke up, ate, slept, snuggled with kitties, slept, played with kitties, ate, chatted on here, went to have a bath and thats my day
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First day of plant sale-VERY SLOW!!! Only made $168 so far-LOTs of plants left over. But picked up another landscaping job-booked out till mid June so far!!! Plus got my 30% down payment on big commercial job!!!YEA!!!!! And I lost 4 lbs so far!!
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Finally, after about a week of constant rain we had a sunny day so I mowed the front and back of my house. I also bought some herbs to plant and spent some time weeding the plant beds in the back of the house. It was so nice to get out of the house and work on the yard. Now, I'm relaxing and listening to 48 Hours on TV.
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Today my mom was visiting and she lives about 7 hours away, so I spent the day with her and my sister and nieces..It pretty good to see mom again. We just hung out, had some lasagna and birthday cake..Its my nieces 1st birthday and I am soooo attached to her, I held her like an hour after she was born, so she's my little angel.

That's about it for me...nothing too exciting! Now I'm tired and thinking of going to bed.
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