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New kitty

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I have two 6 years old furry boys, Tavish and Jude. So, we just adopted the new one whos almost 1 year old.. my friend who has 8 cats and happen not have a job. She s so desperate that she wanted someone who loves cats that she know who.. She remembers me that we just met once at my friends party. She asked me if we are interested in adopting kitty. at first, i wasnt sure because my small two kids (5 and 3).. she said kitty is almost 1 year old and hes fixed and full trained etc.. I thought about it and feel bad for her that she still pays vet bills even she manages to take care of 8 cats.. SO at final, i took one of her cats.. his name is Sushi.. we decide not to change his name since he recognizes his own name. thats fine by us.. she came in with us last week. my other two older cats didnt expect to see another cat in our house. sushi isnt afraid of them which is normal that sushi grew up with 7 cats at her home. so this week, things get better that the older two cats didn't fight at all.. Just small hisses.. this morning it seems that the older cats dont hiss at him anymore. Jude the red tabby just started to pick on sushi by running faster on the upstairs and come back and forth.. Sushi has been following him. how cute.. tavish on the other hand is kinda of the king for this house. i understand.. ha heres the picture.. unfortunately, sushi looks so alike as tavish!!! i ll post sushi first and then jude and tavish..

the last picture of tavish and judes picture is old and taken in dec. 2001. of course they look same to the day except for jude.. jude become a little chubby.
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He is lovely!! What a doll baby.
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Long haired and so darn cute
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thank you.. i know im not around here much but do reading here.. love that forum...
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What a pair of cuties
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