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Tuffy is acting different than normal,,

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Tuffy has always been my buddy since I brought him home, [he was a very sick stray], but lately he follows me around like a little puppy dog getting into anything I am trying to do. And when I go outside he wants to come with me and I tell him no he looks at me with these sad eyes and meows real sad like.

I always spend time with him and more now because like I said he won't leave me alone unless he is sleeping. He seems good to me health wise, eats and drinks good and no sign of the nasty respritory infection he had before coming back, So I don't think he is hurting or anything.

I was working in our motor home the other day and when ever I came in the house for something he was right at the door waiting for me so I picked him up and took him out in the motor home with me while I was working on it and he was having a blast looking it all over and checking every thing out.

I sometimes get the feeling like he is worried about me. I have been having lots of joint pain and sometimes can't sleep and almost cry at night sometimes I hurt so bad, I don't know if he is picking up on this or what is happening in his little mind.

We went camping for 3 days a few weeks ago and he was just so happy when I came home. Could it be he thinks I am going to take off and leave him alone again?

Anyone else have a kitty that is like this? Or maybe have ideas on why the change? I hope this don't sound dumb or like I am totaly over reacting. I always liked the fact that he likes me so much after all I did for him, but he is getting to the point of being a big pest some days to me.

I realise this is pretty deep stuff to be wondering about a kitty cat.
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Not unusual behavior really. When Wawa appeared at my doorstep, he was pretty beat up. He became quite attached to me when he healed. Not as clingy as your Tuffy, but he does check on me more often than the others. Yes, there are those rare times when I wish he were bothering someone else, but a cuddly embrace and a kiss on his head seem to be enough to satisfy him and he lets me be.
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I dont think your over reacting at all.. Kitty does alot of that to me too... When I leave she always runs over to me and watches me leave then she starts meowing sometimes like she's saying "Come back, Come back!!" Then when I pull up she's runs to the window, then she runs to the door and sits there stairing at it and when i come in, she jumps down and meows then runs over to the carpet and plomps down and rolls over and show's me her belly.. (which is a very good sign), then I pet her... Also she fallows me around sometimes, not all the time.. she'll fallow me to the bathroom when i'm in there for anything, and into the bedroom (not the past week cuz Noah is in there and kitty dont like Noah)..

Your cat might be picking up vibes... I know cats can pick up that kind of thing, when i'm sad, kitty gets a little sad, when i'm upset, she gets upset, when i'm happy, she's happy... kinda cool isnt it.
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Rocky does this too me! He needs lots of attention when he was sick, and I am pretty much the one who takes care of him. He often follows me around the house. If I'm on the computer he is usually in the same room. Sometimes he meows real pathetic like and jumps on me like a dog. If on watching Tv he is on the couch. In the morning sometimes he wants to play and I don't think he wants me to leave. He also brings me toys as gifts. When I came back from my last vacation, that very night I had a VERY INTENSE kissing session in the middle of the night.
I was home sick this week, and he pretty much hung around with me the whole time. I just looked up just now, and sure enough he's in the room with me, looking out the window with his bud cookie.
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