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Thursday's D.T.

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Ahhh, Thursday is here, this coming from the woman who had Monday & Wednesday off

Don't have much to say, hope everyone has a great day.

Oh, Rhea, I've got Poptarts in my purse at this very moment! Strawberry Poptarts mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I went and saw "About A Boy" yesterday, very good movie. I highly recommend it.
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May be morning to many of you, but it's afternoon here...hour to go and my husband will be home from work, and we'll have a nice long 4 day weekend ahead of us! And the weather is going to be brilliant!
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Oooh, I slept late: 8:30. When I woke up, there was Rowdy, peering down from her piilow on the headboard. Such a cute sight to wake up to! We're looking at a high of 106 today. Its, already 95. Glad that I work inside! I'm working swing shift, again but Bill will keep Ike inside, this afternoon. Have good one!
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Sabra, I'm a little late, but I wanted to tell you to share the poptarts with every one else. Bodlover's boss had the nerve to ask her to type all day. The NERVE! I think she was at the site briefly, but not long enough. Something should be done about these bosses.
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Well there is still a little left. I just ate lunch so I'm satisfied at the moment. The nerve of her boss, I think they must all communicate because mine have me sorting an enormous amount of filing tomorrow.
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Well, it is the 3rd day in a row with horrid computer problems at work. Our server is fried and they are desparately trying to fix it. I can't wait to watch my Harry Potter DVD tomorrow night and go see my niece this weekend. Tonight I have some major vacuuming to do - the kitties are shedding! I hope everyone is doing well.
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Hey Sabra, I am hungry! Can I have a poptart? I've been munching on sunflower seeds and they make me worse. I have to go to work in a few minutes. Its getting warmer here too. Have a nice day everyone! Can't believe its almost Friday. I love short weeks!
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Now, Nina, you know you wanted to lose weight. Have a nice rice cake.
Sabra, Of course the bosses all get together to plan "how to make my employees' lives miserable." Did you all notice that college professors did it too? They plan their tests to fall on the same day so that you have to spend every second of your weekend studying. It's a big conspiracy!
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