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Introducing New Cat Litter ??

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HI Everyone-

I have read alot about the CitraMax cat litter so I have decided to try it. I got a $5 off coupon which made the bag only $2

But my cat is VERY picky about his litter. I tried to change brands once and he just refused to use it and gave me the "You have got to be kidding me" look he gets. He has been using the same Tidy Cats red label one since a kitten.

My question is has anyone here used Citramax and how did it work? Did the cats adjust well? It says no scooping and you can change like every two weeks, but where does the poop go? Do you scoop anyway?

I put it in his box tonight and covered the top with a thin layer of his cat litter. It has only been about an hour so he has not gone yet but I am worried about him not using it.

Thanks for the input!
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Only scoop every two weeks, how interesting. I've never tried this litter, Crystal, so I'm no help there, but it's usually best to gradually make this transition by mixing the litters and gradually increasing the new as you decrease the old. Let's move this to Care and Grooming, hopefully someone has had experience with CitraMax!
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Okay so I already got rid of this stuff- It REALLY weirded my cat out and he still has not used his old litter box yet.

I am afraid to go to bed until I make sure he realizes his old litter is in the box!! I tried putting him in there but he has not used the box since I have switched the litters back and is acting strange.

It was like he was afraid of it...he would get in the box halfway smell it and then jump back...it was very odd...now all he is doing in walking around the house meowing and sniffing....I tried to get rid of all the smells of the Citra max litter and washed out his box thouroughly and replaced the old litter.

It really was quite odd litter...it was very dusty and was like wood chips and orange peels...Sebastian was not pleased!!

Oh well at least I only paid $2 for it. I should have known better...Sebastian is VERY regimented and does not like anything changed...not even his food or treats and especially his litter or cat box type for that matter!!!...he likes everything the same all the time...very odd kitty but I love him!!
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Well, Sebastian sure made his opinion about the new litter quite clear, didn't he! Is it possible that he could have gone potty outside his box somewhere in the house? This would not be an uncommon occurrence having been so displeased with his litter box. You've taken excellent steps to remove traces of the other product. Cats have a remarkable sense of smell, though, so your little boy can probably still tell that it was around. It may take him a bit to get over his regime being disrupted, but he will most likely settle back into the comfort of his own litter shortly.

It's quite natural for Sebastian to be so stuck to his routine and favorite products, such as food and litter. Most cats don't adjust well to sudden changes, neither do I for that matter! Like you said, the bright side is at least you're only out $2. Thanks for the product review, Sebastian!
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People use citrus scents to keep cats away from things they don't want to get to. I can see why cats wouldn't want to use it and if they are selling it for $2 a bag, it can't be very good.

My advise: throw it out and go back to the old litter, or try something that isn't citrus scented.

Sounds like some marketing "genius" was riding the bandwagon of marketing citrus scents to the public. People buy citrus cleaners so why wouldn't they buy citrus litter? Your cat has spoken.
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Thanks for the posts guys...Actually the litter was $7 but I had a $5 coupon to try it. Like I said before I knew better! I was just trying to make his box a little cleaner since it is in my kitchen and he won;t even let me move it from there! God forbid I ever move out of my apartment..he may never adjust!

I do not think he went out of his litter box last night and he used it sometime between now and then.

But you know what is funny..he is EXACTLY like me when it comes to change!! I myself like things a certain way, have the same schedule every day pretty much and like what I like...I do not vary things too much.

I guess I passed my slight OCD tendencies onto my kid Sebastian

Its just me and him so we have the same schedule everyday in regards to his medicine, playtime and everything else.

Now some one mentioned smell...the box I put the Citra Max litter in was a brand new one I bought last night to replace the old one...but when he did not like it I was trying to make him more comfortable so I put his old litter back in the old box and cleaned out the new box and put it on the porch to air out. Do you think that If I changed the box to the new one today he could still smell the citra max on it even thought I cleaned it?

Should I get a new box?

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