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Shampoo brands

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Our dog Ed (poodle) is very "itchy". He has been seen by a vet and we are and have been in the process of experimenting with food.

Anyway, I have a bottle of "Relief" shampoo the vet gave (sold) us, and it's almost out. I really don't want to pay $17 for another bottle. He gets a bath once a week, which the vet said was ok as long as we were using a quality shampoo.

When I look at the pet store, they have a 1/2 of a row of shampoos. I have asked our groomer, she really couldn't recommend anything (that surprised me) and I have emailed two breeders that I found on the internet, neither have responded. That is the 4th breeder I've contacted about various poodle questions, and none have responded - I find that odd.

Anyway - back to the subject. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Drs. Foster & Smith
I use their oatmeal shampoo on my itchy guy.
The soothing if he has hot spots.

Allergy Shampoos
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Oatmeal shampoo is what most recommend.
I would also find out why the skin is dry or itchy in the first place, it may be parasite,s allergies, thyroid, the dog may need more fatty acids in it's diet etc...
Obviously the vet would have ruled out parasites and is suspecting allergies if food switching is what the plan is for now.... but did they do a thyroid test?
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I use Earthbath and love it (it can be used for both cats and dogs)
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Thanks for all of the suggestions.

I'm sure it's not parasites. The vet didn't do a thyroid test (unless it came with his pre op blood work-up). She thought his skin looked good and her only recommendation was a quality shampoo.

The food theory I am doing on my own, because of my previous experience our last dog (a lab), he constantly chewed his feet until I got him on the right food.

I'm heading to Petmsart today, so hopefully I can get something that will help.

Thanks again!
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Dr. Foster's and Smith's Oatmeal is also what I recommend...they also have a great oatmeal conditioner that is gentle, and moisturizing for that scaly dry skin.
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Earthbath is good as is Tropiclean ... I use herbal groom by Biogroom and Dr bommers on GIGI
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