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When do you go to the vet?

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Wondering when is the time to head to the vet. One of my cats is sick. He will be a year next month. My husband left me a note before he went to work, saying something was wrong with Duke. Duke wasn't waiting for him this morning when he got up. When hubby put down their morning wet food, Duke didn't eat, and there was still water and dry food..and there never is. When I got up, Duke didn't come to me. He just layed in one of the cat beds. He hasn't eaten any dry food, had any water all day. He would not eat any treats, and I also tried giving him wet food this afternoon, and nothing. He isn't purring when petted. The only time he is getting out of the bed is when I pick him up and hold him. The other cat seems more than fine, acting normal. How do I know when it is time to get him to the vet? I have never dealt with a sick pet before, so not sure what to do.

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NOW is the time to take him to the vet. If cats don't eat or drink in a couple of days they can go into liver failure. Please get him to the vet pronto!
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It is time to see a vet!!

Cats hide illnesses very very well and you indicated sooooo many changes from his normal self - personally I would take to see me Vet !!!!!!!!

When in doubt or if you have to ask whether or not it's time to see your Vet it is always better to err on the side of safety!!!

Please take your baby for an exam - I absolutely would!!!!
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Mine go immediately to the vet if they aren't acting themselves.
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Jake had a visit to the vet recently.

He just wasn't behaving as he usually does. He likes to go out in the morning to eat grass, but on the morning in question he was sick as soon as he went out, that is before his grass and breakfast. Just a small difference in behaviour but the alarm bells started to ring. His litter tray visit was noisy and smelly...enough said

He was very quiet and his fur looked 'off'. We took him to the vet the next day, he had a slight temperature and the vet could feel a lot of gas in his belly. So after 2 injections we brought him home and after a day he was back to his usual self

Any sign at all of anything unusual and my lot are at the vets before they can hiss
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Originally Posted by VampireCat
Any sign at all of anything unusual and my lot are at the vets before they can hiss

I generally find that I worry if my kitties seem under the weather so take them to the vets to have them checked and to put my mind at ease too!

I'd definitely be taking Duke to see the vet!
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The time for Duke to be examined by his Vet is now, if not sooner! After his appt, please do let us know how Duke is feeling.
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I agree - best get him to the vet straight away. As Sar says - it give you peace of mind as much as anything. If you're not sure how about ringing the vet and telling him/her what you've told us - the vet can then advise you on whether you should take your cat in straight away.
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I'll add one caveat to the above advice: watch him like a hawk to discover everything that is different about him then get him to a vet. Not eating is clearly a sign that he is ill, but a vet can't always find the source of the problem if that is the only symptom. Look for vomitting, poor coat quality, excessive sleeping and other things.

We just brought our Stumpy in with similar problems, but we found a dead wasp in our sun room and his gums were swollen. Just that simple discovery went a long way to finding the source of the problem - he was stung while he tried to eat the wasp and his mouth hurt him and he didn't want to eat. Sometimes it is really simple if you do some digging.
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