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Just curious

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How many of you with preggo kitties are breeders and how many of you are just allowing your kitty's to have babies for one reason or the other.

So many Preggers I am just curious!
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I adopted a pregnant cat and have homes for all of them and all will be S/N before they leave my house.
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I found a pregnant cat and called around-she was to late to spay at 6ish weeks. So Misty had 5 babies april 13/14(two deliverd and then other three came on 14) I moved to this town in october and alot of cats(these are the only kittens ive seen...yet She had a dilute gray/with cream spots(rosemary), a orange and white(Rusty), a silver tabby(Trixie)(who almost was lost at delivery-took a good 30 minutes of rubbing but so far in good shape) a torti tabby(Holly)(omg my fav shes red/black and orange mitted feet, and the last one is Brandy a calico with mirror imagae markings as her mom except shes a dominat as opposed to her mom being a dilute. Right now they are all 500-600 grams and rusty is only boy...Mom is going to be spayed and let back out if she doesnt accept my other cats(i know pregnancy/kittens can make them be aggressive so will wait till shes healed to make decision) Kittens are staying(hey i got the multicat management down pat so why not...all my others are fixed and inside only. RJ
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