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Pets can be so unpredictable at the vet's...mine have done some choice things one their visits. Luckily my vet is forgiving.

I know everything will be fine with Olivia and her feline family. Just keep in touch with the vet, and if it starts to go downhill again, let him/her know ASAP.
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So glad Olivia is diagnosed and on the mend. And that her littermates will be saved the same illness. I know how worrying it can be when you see them go downhill, and you know how quickly they can fade. here's hoping you are enjoying hte weekend now, a little more relaxed.
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Its so sweet - the vet called to ask after Olivia

She seems perkier today Not eating much, but enough and she's drinking water.

I gave her a good grooming this morning and she was purring away
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Way to go Olivia....
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What a nice vet making "house calls"!!! I wish mine would do that!

Here's to a speedy recovery!!!! Olivia is such a gorgeous kitten.
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Ahhh....typed a long post and then lost it....Ok I'll re-type it goes..

1) The poop samples I took to the vet only showed an indication of mild roundworm

2) Vet called again this afternoon as his colleague had run tests on a 2nd poop sample taken at the vet yesterday. Bad news...alll 5 have Giardia. Olivia has it worse. As well as the amoxcycillin injection yesterday, I have to syringe metronidazole down their little throats...wish me luck with that!

3) Vet is concerned about Olivia's third eyelid showing and worried me like crazy by saying it could be a sign of respiratory illness. Ok I didn't want to tell the man how to do his job but I've read on this forum and the net that its is a sign of general illness in cats and cats with Giardia can get it. I told him this and he seemed to 'fob off' my attempt at knowing about cat health. If anyone who reads this has had a kitten with Giardia and the third eyelid showing, please could they post a reply here or pm me. I would be so grateful.

4) We are off to the vet tomorrow for another antibiotic injection and check up.

5) I have turned into Mrs Doubtfire and I am boiling litter trays, using antibacterial cat litter (is this ok for kittens? The trays do smell a hell of a lot cleaner!), steam cleaning any places where they sleep, litter trays, feeding equipment and the carpet of their little nursery room (well computer room with a cat tree and cat litter trays in it). Is their anything else I can do to stop the spread of this nasty Giardia, in a multi indoor cat household? I'll do some research on the net about it too.

Thanks in advance for any responses....I feel with knowing other people's experiences and knowledge, I am less panicky and a bit more proactive.

Ps - MODS - is this ok in this forum or does it need to be in the Health forum?
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Poor you, poor kittens. Hope they all get better soon.
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HI Minxie!! Sorry to hear whats been going on , hope they are doing ok.
How did they all catch gardia??
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Lucyloo - Hi! The original 4 (Tinkerbelle's babies were fine). The new addition Olivia brought her gorgeous face and a dose of giardia with her!

They have been really lively today and I treated them with boiled chicken - they loved it! Their poop has been solid to half solid/half mushy today...which is an improvement on diahrrea. Off to the vet later for a 6.30pm wants to see an improvement in them or we need to revise the medication. I think he'll see an improvement...I definitely do.

Keep you posted.

Hugs to Tinkerbelle, Sacha and her litter mates.

By the way - if any of you have a problem with stinky litter trays - I can really recommend sophisticat antibacterial litter (sold in UK...not sure if its a US product also?)..its been a godsend this week!
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Olivias mum must have had it then!!! oh well at least they are being treated.
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Poor Olivia I am glad all are doing well and had a nice feast of boiled chicken
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Thank goodness you know what it is and it can be treated. My two boys had it badly when they arrived (off the streets) but fortunately never passed it on to the others as I had them in isolation for three weeks. They were on Metronidazole for five weeks, then we changed the meds to Doxycillin and then back again! Every time we thought it was clear and stopped the meds, it came back in a day or two. So don't be disheartened. But they were with the other cats after three weeks (adults of course who are more resistant) and no-one else got it. Since then, over four months now, they have been fine.
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Thanks Jenny for that post - very helpful. Glad to hear the kittys are doing fine now.

Update on kittens

Went to the vet today for a check up. Temperatures of all 5 kittens is normal but 4 of them show loose poopy from the fecal exam - but the vet said its better than Saturday.

They are lively and eating, but the vet says we need to keep a close eye on Olivia particularly. Her 3rd eyelid is still showing slightly and he says that she is bony (although she weighed in at 840g which for a 9 week old kitten I thought was quite good?).

Olivia's litter mate

I had a bit of a 'heated discussion' with my friend that gave me Olivia today. Olivia's brother has the same symptoms..the mum is also probably harbouring the illness. My friend told me that she had vaccinated the mum cat when I first got she was my friend, I didn't ask to see the certificate...the mum cat did look healthy and beautiful. Today I found out that by that she meant she gave the cat its first injections as a kitten and has not kept up with booster injections. Furthermore she says she cannot afford to get Olivia's brother and mum seen at the vet and she is hoping that Olivia's brothers' new owners (she is still looking for a forever home for him) will deal with it. I told her this is irresponsible and she did not like that. I told her the vet's response to my question "what they have - can it be fatal?" (vet's reply was with young kittens anything can happen as we don't know the state of their immune system..on the positive they are eating, lively and 8-9 weeks old and making progress). The possibility that it could be fatal (although unlikely I hope to god!!!) jolted her and she says that she will look into going to the vet.

Without sounding heartless, I am paying for vet appointments for 5 kittens (three appointments so far this week!) and medication for 7 cats althogether. I want to know that Olivia's brother is ok, but feel my financial responsibilty is limited to my 7.

My cats are insured but the kitten's policy takes effect from when they are 8 weeks old (my original 4 are 7 weeks) and claims within the 1st 14 days are excluded! Olivia's policy is only 5 days old. So with me paying for everything, I'm not comfortable paying for treatment for a cat that is not mine. However, it breaks my heart to see Olivia's brother (he's so beautiful) untreated. If she doesn't take him in for treatment, I will talk to my vet or tell my friend that she could perhaps contact the RSPCA for help (though I bet it will be me doing it in the end!).

GSE & Panacur

I am going to buy some grapefruit seed extract tomorrow - I read about that in the health forum posts. I have a cat-it water fountain - how many drops do you recommend I put in it?

I also found a well-known UK online petstore that sells panacur. I've ordered some for future use if the metronidazole doesn't work. Its cheaper than the vet's medication.

Please get well soon my little munchkins

My 5 babies are all asleep in the cat tree. I hope they know how much their meowmy loves them.

I have not isolated Olivia - vet said its ok as she responding to treatment, does not have a temperature and is eating and lively. On Wednesday - next appointment, he wants all of them to have firm stool and Olivia's 3rd eye not showing. Otherwise he says, we need to take further action.
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ps - sorry about the long post.
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No, it's thorough! We love details!

Glad to hear there's improvement. I'm sorry to hear of your friend's perspective on the whole vet thing. It's very unfortunate, and I'll pray for her to do the right thing by her pets.
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Please do not feel guilty about not being able to help Oliva's brother, seven cats is enough. Hope her third eye is better. sorry all are infected. Keep us updated!!
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