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My friends wedding

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One of my dear friends is getting married tomorrow and I feel so bad that I cant make it! It is also my sons double header base ball game-I just hate that I cant go!! Tonite is her bachlorette party and I will go to that. I went to the church with her today and got to take a peek at her wedding cake and the cake for tonite-they are so lovely-what do you think?? I did get to get some pics....

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those cakes are lovely! I had two cakes also, a small traditional one for pics and cutting, and then a large sheet cake for actual eating, that sucks that you can't go!! I'm sure she knows that you're there in spirit though
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As long as you wish her all the happiness in the world and can share in some moments of planning the wedding, I'm sure thats all that matters.

I just had to miss a good friend of mine's wedding...but that's because she had hers in Jamaica! She's having the reception in a month, which I've planned around!
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Very nice cakes......I wish them every happiness!
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