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Mitzee is at the vet!!  

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I took my kitty to the vet this morning . She threw up that rubber band but I cant tell if she has gone to the bathroom because of Remy. She has thrown up everything she has tried to eat. They are keeping her there for observation. They did xrays and blood tests and she was dehydrated. I am supposed to bring her home today . But I didnt think anything would show on an xray unless it was metal? So if she has a blockage, how can they tell? I am a wreck!
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we are going through something similar right now with our male kitty. The vet told us that when they do xrays to check for blockages they check to see if the intestines are bunched up or they can tell if stool or gas is going through them if they do xrays at diffrent times. I will keep you and your kitty in my thoughts! please keep us posted!
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Firstly for both of you....

I think gas and air show up a different color and texture than solids on xrays
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the vet showed me the xray...he didnt seem concerned about a blockage. I am totally confused. They sent her home with the iv port ...i have to go back tomorrow morning. She threw up as soon as she came home...it looks like green bile. She hasnt had anything to eat... Her potassium was very low from the dehydration...but they got that up before they sent her home. I called another vet...i used to go to with my dog but I dont know if they can do anything either? I am very upset. It has cost me almost 400 dollars and i still dont know anything
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I am sorry your baby is ill.
It is scary/frustrating and nerve wracking not knowing what is going on. Hope you get answers with the second vet.

Sending lots of good vibes to your kitty and you.
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I am surprised that they sent her home.
Is this a pet hospital?
If you are confused about the treatment ask questions until you understand their treatment plan.
They owe you that.

I think that your baby needs a hospital with 24/7 nursing care until this is sorted out.
Is there one in your area?
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My little mitzee passed away at midnight......
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OMG I'm so sorry
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With great reverence and respect in honor of Mitzee, I will now close this thread.
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