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What the heck is going on?!?!

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So i thought that my biggest problem was that my kitten would pee anywhere but in the liter box but i was wrong....For the last 2 nights especially last night like clock work my kitten crys every hour to two hours...i feed him from the bottle, he sleeps then awake again like clock work. At first it was that he didnt like being in the box. So i tipped the box down i have his blanket in it to go sleep if he wants i have a blanket on the floor and my body pillow he likes to sleep on. he can crawl all over the room.. I dont know what else he wants. I have a very stressful job and between him getting up every hour i dont know what to do..any advice???
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Ok. Try this.

You say that you have begun to give him baby food try that right before you go to bed. Maybe that will fill his tummy and you will get a couple more hours of sleep.

Also try a good round of play before bedtime so that he is tired.

I hate to say this but, when Mocha was this young I had to put him in bed with us at night. He figured out that if he cry long and loud enough I was going to get up and get him. We did have a few accidents but I used towels that I would put him in and then I curled my body around him and he usually went to sleep for a couple of hours. Normally when he started squirming I would jump up and put him in the cat box.

The vet estimated Mocha at being between 4 and 5 weeks old when I found him. He said to put him on kitten food and water it down to make it soft. I never used baby food.

Taking on Mocha we lost plenty of sleep until he was older. At least until he learned where his cat box and cat food was located and could get up and down off the bed. Sorry. Best of luck with Aziel.
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Its like i had to feed him every 11/2 that i got up from his bottle. So when i was finally ready to give up and get out of bed i tried to give him some baby food. Yesterday he ate a little today he sniffed it and walked away. He has about 2 more bottles of formula i shouldnt have to buy anoither thing of formula at almost 6 weeks should i? he wont eat the solid food all the time like just now when i tried wouldnt touch it but sucked the bottle real fast! so if he wont eat what to do...
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Weaning can be difficult. The crying indicates hunger, possibly. You may have to increase what he's getting from his bottle feedings. At 5 weeks and 4 days, he may very well not be ready to wean off the bottle. I would still be trying the baby food in between feedings...being as he was an orphan, you may find his development to be a bit "behind" a kitten that had his mother to care for him au naturale. Keep trying, and take things at his pace...there are many kittens who don't begin seriously chowing on solids until 8 or 10 weeks...it just depends on Azreal, really. If he is continuously hungry all the time, and doesn't ever seem to get enough, I would suspect that he may have tapeworms...which is really no big deal if treated by your vet. Kittens almost always come with parasites...it's kind of like human kids almost always get the chickenpox. Has he been de-wormed?
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I'm also finding that weaning isn't a smooth predicatable curve. My kitten is taking about a little more than half of his meals in solids and usually doesn't care whether he's getting solids or formula. But yesterday at one feeding he wanted formula and nothing but formula--no big deal. I do switch around what I offer him for solids and I think he likes the dry food soaked in water the best.

What my fella still hasn't done yet is lap up water or formula from a dish.
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If he is pushing 6 weeks, there is no reason that he needs to eat every 1-2 hours round the clock. They are so absolutely adorable and dependent on us at that age and good moms have a tendency to overindulge them. My vet laughed at me when I couldn't get my 8 week old orphans weaned - just over pampered and I didn't know how to be firm with them.

As long as you get up every hour or 2, the kitten will continue to cry. Spread out feedings, get him a snuggly animal and a box to sleep in, and keep his space confined so that he has a bed and litter box near each other. My hard lesson was to just be firm and get over my protective instincts. It ain't easy.

Some folks use Snugglekitties to give orphans something to sleep with. They are cool. http://www.squirrelstore.com/site/744999/product/snu06 You can google search for sites that sell them to find the best deal.
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Mom, you have a good point. Sometimes we're making it harder for the kittens to wean, and we don't even know it. Most of us just want our kittens to be happy, even though they're at a stage where they can be doing more for themselves...and like any youngster, many kittens will hold on to the more newborn behaviors for the closeness and attention they crave from bottle-feeding.

Azreal at this point could make it on 4 or 5 smaller solid food meals a day...he shouldn't really need any feedings through the night at this point. I would keep offering him the wet food diluted with KMR, and keep it at that...
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