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Anything that your cat must have?

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I sat down to eat a little bit of ice cream, and Toulouse came running up and spent a good five minutes trying to get some. He's gone off a bit miffed now, cause I won't let him have any.

I realized though, that anytime I eat ice cream I have the same behaviour... cause he's pretty good about other foods. (Note here: I don't have a dining table cause my house is so little, so I end up eating while sitting on the futon )

Sometimes I'll let him have a little taste if there's no chocolate in the ice cream. But if I don't let him have any, he walks back and forth on my lap trying to brush his tail (which has very long hairs) in my food!! Almost as if to say, "Well meowmy, if I don't get any, you won't want any either!!"

Do any of your cat have one particular food that they like?

(Hmm, does this go in the Lounge or "behaviour," Mods?)
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Zakk has a fascination with shrimp. I buy the frozen ones and thaw them under the faucet. If I don't give him one he will sit on the counter and fish for one until he gets it. I give him one so I don't get kitty paws all over the rest. He usually pats it around for awhile and then eats it! The only other weird thing he has done is licked up tomato sauce off the plate b/c there was a lot cheese residue as well.
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Ivory will steal oreos if you don't watch her, she also likes 'sharing' yogurt and poptarts. Her idea of sharing is wait until your head is turn and take a bite.
Spaz goes nuts for tuna water or raw chicken and beef
Cassi likes bits of cooked chicken

The boys are only interested in cat food
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Any time I take my medicine the sound of the pill bottle sounds like the shake of the treat bottle... so my cats all want treats when it is my medicine time.
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Does attention count?

Tiger LOVES Doritos. He will hear me open the bag and comes running through the house. He only does this with Doritos too.
Reilly is a cereal kitty. If she sees you're eating cereal, she will just about take the spoon out of your hand to get a bite
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My kitties don't like treats, and they never get people food, but they HAVE to be allowed in the bathroom when I am in there. Its required.
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I used to have a cat that was obsessed with yogurt. She would wake up out of a dead sleep if anyone was eating yogurt and stand right over you (on your chest) until you gave her some.
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Spot is an ice cream cat, too! And cereal. He will patiently sit and wait to lick the bowl for either two items.
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We can be eating a big meal, - and Harley wont bother us.

BUT... if we get a bowl of cereal, he's right on your chest trying to get a little lick of milk.

I usually give in - but he only takes 1 or 2 little licks and he won't take anymore, and then he's off to cause more trouble elsewhere
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Her idea of sharing is wait until your head is turn and take a bite.
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my (RB) tuxie, B.C. had a thing for really spicy foods, makes me wonder if cats taste spices in the same way that we do.

I remember my ex boyfriend chowing down on a 5 alarm beef and bean burrito, tears were rolling down his cheeks, his nose was running and you could almost seeing steam coming from his ears.

He turned away for a minute or two to answer the phone, when he turned back, B.C. had his face burried in the burrito, happily munching away.
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Molly and Megan don't seem to care much about unusual food, but I once had a male tabby named Sarge who loved potato chips and ginger snaps.
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All three of my girls have to have a bite of goldfish food everytime the fish get fed. I can't even sneak and feed them without the girls knowing it
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Skittles only likes cat food with me, but hubby would always give her and Dazy a little peanut butter in there cheeks every SUnday when he made his triple decker PB Honey Jelly sandwhich...
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Fluffy will eat anything. I don't know her history, but she must have missed some meals along the way to me. I dropped coffee grounds on the floor, and she tried to eat them. She will lick the plates clean after any kind of meal. I know I should not let her do it, but she is so pitiful, like she is starving, and I want her to know she will always be fed and cared for. She is very petite, and could use a pound or 2.
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Persil seems to sense cheese from 100 yards away. She would sell her soul for a morsel of cheese, especially strong cheddar (which I can't buy here and I bring back in small quantities as a treat for ME!) Ellie and Wellington fight over cooked chicken - they are at my throat (literally) when I am eating it. The others are more moderate in their habits.
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I have offered chicken to Tavia before and she won't take it she has never liked any kind of people food. But I never made a habit of giving it to her either. And her canine sissy Lilly is such a glutton that you would have to be magical just to get a taste. But my Lilly will eat anything that doesn't eat her if I let her but I try not to let her but my dad gives in. And my horses are odd too they won't eat carrots or apples only feed and hay and grass. Odd family of girls I have all of my pets are girls.
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Anything I am eating the cats want. donuts, ice creme , cool whip, potatoe chips and potatoe sticks.cheese ,meat ,milk you name it they want to try it..
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We can't eat hardboiled eggs around here without having Jamie in our faces. They have to be hardboiled, though, not scrambled, poached, etc..
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Beauty will go for any meat on your plate. If you set it down and dropped your fork and she so happens to be snuggled up next to you, the next thing you see is a cat's nose leaning so far over the edge of the couch.

Shh...sometimes (on days their REALLY good) I'll give them a small piece of meat behind B's back.
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Flynn loves a certain really really creamy dessert, we really can't eat it, he'll be up on my lap and trying to draw the bowl to him with his paw, or he'll try to just take the stuff off my spoon whilst I'm bringing it to my mouth. I usually just plunk a spoonful down on the floor to keep him occupied, otherwise I can't eat in peace.

We have always discouraged begging from day one, never give anything from our people food when asked by the cats, they only get something if we want to and they haven't been begging. It has worked for all cats except Flynn, and he only does it with this dessert. Ah well...can't have it all.
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Originally Posted by Kaleetha
(Note here: I don't have a dining table cause my house is so little, so I end up eating while sitting on the futon )

This is me as well, lol. The times I have given Conner people food, he doesn't eat it. Or if he does he spends 5 mins inspecting it first. Now, this doesn't stop him from thinking he wants it and throwing a fit about it til he gets it, then he sticks his nose up at it and walks away. Snooty cat. Lol.
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