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Fixing Zazou!!!

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Well, I caught Zazou in the trap, put her in the kennel
cage and called the vet Wed. I then brought her in
today for a spay. AND>....

And then I got a call this am, no can do fixing!!!


Emergency surgery occured. So they will keep her
and try again on Monday or Tuesday. Just so long
as they get her DONE.

I am NOT taking her back till she's chipped, ear tipped,
rabied, de fleaed and spay!!! (I will be paying through
the nose for this, no assistance... BUT IMHO it will
be worth the bother.)

Advice from others re: rehoming. Should I return to
her orignal capture area (which isn't
really that safe), or do the new barn home route?

If I do the barn home, there IS a road there, but mostly
the cats at this barn home are safe. I know the lady and
she takes good care of her "herd" of beasties, up to and including
fixing any of the "dump offs" and wandering in ones that
are accepted.

My only fear on the barn home was being accepted by the
other cats. If she wasn't accepted she would wander off...

What do you think?
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Relocating ferals is not something that is recommended...however if you feel this is the right decision...you need at least 2 weeks and a relocation cage:


Read the Safe Relocation advice.

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