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New with question

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I am loving this site, so much useful info on it....

On to my question, I have 2 DSH kittys that will be 7 in July (they are littermates)
Some background of the past few days.....
Our male kitty pierre has been having issues the past few days, Tuesday evening he threw up 3 times (one contained a very small piece of plastic bag the rest was what looked like uundigested food) so we went to the ER vet thinking he might have a blockage. They did xrays and found nothing (the xrays showed gas and stool moving through his system ok) so home we came. Wednesday morning I was awoken to him throwing up again, so I called his vet and took him in, he spent the day there getting IV fluids and blood work done. He also recived 2 shots (one of an antibiotic and one of Metoclopramide for the vomiting and nausea) he didnt throw up at all while at the vet, so once the blood work was in I was able to go get him. The blood work came back all normal, they did a metabolic panel on him to check for metabolic disorders, the only ones that came back abnormal were his cholesterol (only slightly elevated) his liver panel (also only very slightly elevated) and something they check that indicates stress. The vet seems to think he has eaten something that didnt agree with him (hence the liver levels being elevated) He did really well Wednesday night just kinda chilled out and relaxed no more throwing up. Well Thursday morning hubby and I woke to him throwing up again. It was just once and looked like a hairball and some stomach bile, called the vet he said it was ok as long as there was no food in it. Well this am, just like clock work, hubby and i were once again woken up to him puking. It once again looked like bile and a little bit of hair not really a hairball just like hair that he would shed. He went and ate and threw up again, this time it had a small piece of plastic in it again (he was chewing on the trash bag as I was cleaning up the first puke spot) and once again he went to eat, was only done like 5 mins and threw up undigested food (it didnt even look chewed!) hubby let him eat again and he has kept that down for a few hours now. He seems to be acting fine otherwise, purring and chasing toys, eating and drinking ok, using the litter box ok. The vet did give us that stuff in the tube for hairballs and some metoclopramide syrup for the nausea, and I/D cat food. The only time he is throwing up is in the AM after he gets up from the night.

My questions are:
If he ate something that didnt agree with him shouldnt he be feeling better by now? (the vet suggested he ate something or maybe his food had gone bad)

Could he just be getting rid of built up hair balls? Or could the morning puking be due to morning grooming? he has been grooming alot more due to going to the vet 2 times

Could the puking be stress related? (Our other kitty has been hissing at him since he came back from the vet, but only if she smells his head and neck, they shaved his neck and if she smells that spot she hisses and runs away, he however seems unfazed by her hissing) hubby and I are also expecting a new baby in July so we have been doing alot to get the nursery ready, this was at one time their room.

Sorry this is so long but I am at my wits end here, I am stressed out over this like you would not believe. My kitties are my babies!
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I'm kind of guessing here, but from what I've seen with other peoples' troubles with their cats ingesting something they shouldn't is that perhaps it was the plastic he chewed on and hadn't gotten it all up the first time is why he kept having repeated vomiting.

My vet told me that cats don't digest like a human with the stomach acid that will pretty much disolve whatever we eat.

If his vomiting spells quit now, I would suspect the plastic heavily.

It might be a good idea to keep the plastic bags and anything small that he might ingest out of range from him.

Good luck to you and Pierre with this.
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thanks for the quick response!
We usually do keep all plastic out of his reach. I am guessing the one he got on tuesday he got out of the bathroom trashcan and the one this AM was from the trash bag I was putting cat puke in (I had to get up off the floor to go get the resolve carpet cleaner from the kitchen when I walked back in the den he was chomping away I yelled he stopped) I was wondering if maybe the 2 inicedents with the puke with the bag were due to him having to get the plastic up and the puke that followed (maybe 5-10 mins after the plastic puke) were just because he was irritated? I know I am probably being an overprotective mommy but this is my baby!

Once again thank you for all your help these are the first kitties I have ever owned in my life (even though we have had them almost 7 years I am still learning everyday!)
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You hang in and keep watching the for more responses. I'm sure you will receive much help from the more experienced and knowledgable members here.
There's nothing wrong with wanting to do the best and be protective of our little furballs; they count on us for that. :-)
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Hey there. welcome...

well I have a 2 year old female cat and a 7 week old kitten... Now Kitty (2 year old cat) pukes maybe once ever week to every few weeks, with food in it, really thick but i'm sure that is hairball related cuz of the hairball hacking sound she does. :p But from what you're saying your cat pukes every day?? A couple things I would check is one the food... It could be that the food is bad, smell it and see if it smells rancid that could be an indication.. another thing is, but i'm sure its not, but a cleaning agent left out somewhere that you dont know of, or maybe it could be something you've cleaned recently and the kittycat somehow swallowed some residue... If you suspect maybe stress, try the comfort zone plug in or the spray... Hmmm.. thats really the only things I can think off. You might want to try and find a room, clean it out real good, make sure there is nothing that could harm the kitty or something you might suspect causing the problem, give him food, water, and a litter box and watch him for a few days and see if he improves. If he does, let him out and see if he vomits again, if he does, there is something in the rest of the house that is causing it..... Good luck and keep us informed.
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I have a cat that pukes on a regular basis if we feed her too much food, especially if she hasn't eaten for awhile (like overnight). Also, she'll puke if her food has any fish products in it. Try feeding Pierre just a small amount of food and then wait about 20-30 minutes before feeding him a little bit more. Also, if he's eating too fast, that will cause it to come back up.

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