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Can cats be picky about what litter they use?

Cause everytime I catch Tritan in the act, I take him to the litter box, he sniffs it and tried to jump out. I push him back in a little, he does the same.
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They can be picky about the litter and sometimes if the box is used or used by more than one cat, they won't go in it. I have had cats with strange litterbox habits, it's confusing for us humans
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Its very possible, I'd experiment with different types, newspaper, pine, clumping/non-clumping, just get the small bags until you find something he likes Also make sure you clean it every day, at least, he just be sa super clean little boy. How old is Tritan? if he's old enough, is he neutered? when he gets neutered he will be less likely to go outside the litter box too
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