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LuckyGirl's 1st Bath!!!

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My poor little LuckyGirl is taking medicine from the vet that has given her the diarrhea. The vet said it is normal with this kind of medicine. I have been keeping on top of her litter box activity and promptly checking & wiping her bottom with baby wipes as needed (she doesn't like this one bit) . Yesterday she came out of the litter box and had it all over the back of her legs and her one foot. She looked a mess. So I had to put her in the tub. I put 2 inches of warm water in the tub and a wash cloth. I must say, I am really proud of her . Although she was terrified , she did so good . She allowed me to wash her without scratching, biting, or even crying. It was obvious she didn't like it , but she seemed more scared than angry . When I took her out to dry her she darted behind the toilet. Now she was mad at me . I finally got her towel dried and let her loose in the house... she wanted NO parts of me . She was over in the corner trying to re-clean what I had just cleaned. No wonder she loves Daddy more than me!
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After the Torture....
tell me how she smell now!...I figured sooooooo delicious!..

same history when I must to bath at his loyal Majety!....

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I remember giving Phenom a bath for her fleas. She really hated me for about an hour each time. Poort girl. I did it in the bathroom sink and she would grab the faucet and pull as hard as she could trying to pull out of my hands.

Lucky Girl will be happy again in no time once she is dry!!
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I bathe Jack Daniels every two months. He's starting to get used to it but he still absolutely hates it. His first bath he cried throughout the whole thing, now he's even stopped crying. He never once ever attacked me.

If you keep up with it they calm down after awhile.
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I'm sorry she's upset!

I had to bathe both Kanoe and Toulouse when some how the cod liver oil I was giving Kanoe ended up all over her and Toulouse! I've got a great pic (unedited) of Toulouse looking daggers at the camera and Kanoe looking rather shocked at his expression!
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Thats too bad she got mad at her mommy-but Im sure she will come around again I dont dare bathe any of my cats-no way!! I am afraid what I would look like afterwards,lol.
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Just saw this Heather........that's funny in a way. Sounds like the baths at our house!
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yeah both ours are do for another bath, which will not be enjoyable.....but once they are dry...
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The only kitty I've ever attempted was Sapphire and its becasue I don't think she knows how to clean herself very well so her fur gets, for lack of a better word, nappy. It took me and my ex, one holding, one scrubbing furiously, she was crazy! she loved the blowdryer though second time wasn't that bad, i guess cause she wanted a blowdry again
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See mine are fine when it comes to baths but put a blow dryer near them and you are asking for trouble.
Blow drying involves putting them in a cage and doing it through the bars so they are just towl dried to the best I can and left to clean/dry themselves off
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I don't mind bathing Twitch or Lily. Chico loves his bath(the little dork) & I always feel guilty bathing a blind cat, although she doesn't seem to mind. Ophelia, however, is not fun to bathe. She holds real still & growls....she scares me!
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