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Blackie - a year on.

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It is a year today since I lost Blackie. I took her on as she was 14 with health and behavioural issues and I knew that most shelters wouldn't have given her a chance. I expected to only have a year tops with her, but wasn't expecting it to only be 7 weeks and 6 days. After 4 weeks of having her, I took her for blood tests to check her organ functions, and expected either kidney or liver issues, as she had dodgy teeth and recurrent cat flu symptoms. I didn't know about mammary cancer, so wasn't expecting that diagnosis, even though I had felt some lumps at the weekend, and due to her other health issues and temperament, the vet advised against surgery, as did the rescue I was fostering for at the time. So, I took her home to give her some good times, and again, wasn't expecting 3 short weeks before she started having eating issues. I was in tears all that day knewing that I was going to have to face a difficult decision, but when it came to it, it was so hard to say the words to the vet, even though it wasnt the first time I had gone through something like that. When she was weighed however, and we found out she had lost nearly half a kilo in 3 weeks, despite eating well until the last couple of days, I knew I had no choice, she was wasting away and I couldnt' do that to her. We had a brilliant last night fussing though, and she got to go with someone who loved her, so I am grateful for that. And I wrote an article (posted on here somewhere) about mammary cancer, and vowed to spread the word, which I hope I have. RIP Blackie, I know you are running free from pain and have hopefully met up with your owner. Here is a pic of her last night, and my fav of her

Also, while not cat related, my neighbour had to have her 14 year old dog, Kim, pts on the same day, RIP Kim
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Bless her heart, and yours for giving her some happiness in the few weeks she had left

RIP Blackie and Kim. I can see you both now trotting over the bridge together
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RIP Blackie and Kim...you were beautiful in life, and will never be forgotten.

Sometimes it's not how long we have with those we love...it's the quality and amount of love we receive while we're here, even if it's for just a little while.

You gave Blackie a gift before she passed...please don't forget what you did for her.
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I am so sorry for the loss of Blackie. Condolences on her loss. I'm sorry you didn't have more time together.

Also, condolences on the loss of Kim.
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Blackie and Kim...enjoy the Bridge together sweetie pies.
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