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Pups On Their Way!

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The abandoned puppies I found and kept for ten days are now on their way to a new home in Germany! Vicki left with them today in a nice air conditioned van and they will arrive tomorrow morning. I am so pleased that it all turned out well. Here is a picture of them at her house this afternoon. They were a bit nervous to be in yet another new environment, but they are looking so much better than they were, and are now of course parasite free, microchipped and vaccinated. I am sure they will make lovely pets.

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Aww the wittle puppies!
Are you going out tonight to celebrate your new found freedom from puppy poop?
Kudos to you and your friend for looking out for these little guys and giving them a chance in life.
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Yay for wonderful, love-filled future homes for the little guys!

Jenny, you and your friend are wonderful people to help little ones like these two. It's not easy, especially when the structure is not in place like we are used to here in the US. How many people who make room in their lives, even for 10 days, for caring for untrained, poopy, parasite filled pups?

These two looks worlds better for the 10 days they spend with you. Such cuties!
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There have been times during the past week when I almost felt like putting them back where they came from (only joking! - well, half joking). I am just not used to dogs and especially untrained 8 week old feral puppies. But thanks to Tricia (Jcat) I learned about paper training and it worked! And fortunately they do both have good temperaments, though one is a lot shyer than the other. They have cost me a month's salary though - professors do not get paid much here, and even though our vet gives Vicki and me special prices, between that and my share of the transport costs, it all adds up. But I feel good about it. I just hope there are no more before I leave!
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You have done a wonderful job with them Jenny!

I'm so pleased to hear that they are back to health and on their way to their new loving home!
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Bye bye, puppies! Great job for taking care of them...someone will get a great furkid because of your help!
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Jenny, the love that you poured into these little pups lives will come back to you ten fold..............anyone that would do what you did is a WONDERFUL person!! No doubt! God bless little ones........I pray you both have a good life! xoxo
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How cute are their floppy little ears!!! What a couple of sweeties!!! Thank you for fostering them!!
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aww glad they got homes here in germany!
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yeah! I'm so glad this story had a happy ending You are such a wonderful person for taking these poor little guys on, Jenny (and not murdering them yourself ) and Susie is right, the love you gave to them will come back to you!!
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Jenny, what you've done for those pups is nothing less than save their lives. May they have long, happy ones, preferably together.
Now that you know about paper training, I hope you're still toying with the idea of getting a dog once you've settled in France. It'll be a lot easier with a huge garden than it was with two very young pups who had to be confined 24/7.
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Yes, I think I will get a dog eventually. I just knew it would not be right to try to keep these two - the practical problems would have been too great. I will get the cats and myself settled in and then see about other animals over the next few months - that could include ponies, a dog, chickens and ducks! (But not all at once!)
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