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Update on my alien babies

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They are growing so fast but they both have watery eyes. Should I be concerned? They don't look infected but their eyes opened when they were only a week old. They seem to see fine. They are so cute. I am bottle feeding 3 times a day (they nurse off of Adina too) and they are starting to show interest in the bigger kittens food.

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I am sorry but I still think they are the cuties aliens to me
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Oh my goodness, they are adorable!!!! How old are they now? What are their names?
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The little boy (white stripe on his face) is Cy, short for Siren (loudest cry ever) and the little girl is Maisy. She is soooo dainty and feminine. I'm not sure how old they are, I have had them for about a month so they must be a month plus a few days. They are just so small. I know that happens to orphans
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Are they brother and sister? Are you keeping them? They are so cute!!!!
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They are brother and sister, there were 4 but 2 passed away. I don't think I can keep them, I have 3 of my own and I promised my son he could keep "Buddy" a cat from a litter I am fostering. See, I am crazy. If I had a large house, I would keep them all

Here is a picture of Buddy (she)
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Buddy is adorable...
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Thanks, her eyes are still blue How is Skittles? She looks like I did when I was pregnant with my first son Poor thing!
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I just posted a update to her thread

I will keep updating it for everyone..She has a vet Appt in a few house and I will update it again too..
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Ok, I will check in and see if you have any good news
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They are adorable! I can't wait to see more pics as they grow!
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Aww, they are simply adorable!
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They're sweet!!! What expressive faces they have!

And yes, I'll admit, a tad alienistic...but in a cute way!!!
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I'm thinking possibly their eyes are just big? I seem to remember watery eyes, and eyes that looked like they were looking two different directions at about that age! Buddy is precious! Can she hear ok?
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Buddy's eyes have not changed color and are still blue. She doesn't respond to clapping or dangling keys behind her head. I do have a very noisy house so maybe she is just used to all the noise
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White cats with blue eyes do have a tendency to be deaf. But as long as she doesn't get outside she should be just fine!
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