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I need help and advice

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I'm posting this for Robyns5cats

Please someone help me, I have 4 babies, I found out 3 days ago after I noticed she had been breathing hard, shallow and fast, that she has tumors in her lungs. She has lost weight in the past 2 weeks,She's my petite little girl and God help me, I love her the most, She loves me too, I can't put her down evevn though I know I have to, I can't deal with this, I can't imagine my life without her. Please someone tell me to get the strength and be at peace with this, I have been praying to our Heavenly Father about this and still no peace robyns5cats
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It is ok to let her go.. She will not hurt anymore and will be in a great place....
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Let her go...

This is my mantra for cat loss...

"S/He is in a better place. I have done my best to give him/her my best. I am fortunate to know that I did not mistreat this animal in any way and gave him/her all the love and affection that I could give. Thank you god for giving me this blessing, no matter that it was short lived."

And then, I count all my blessings, big and small and usually, I feel better...
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Hi Robyn, I've been in your position myself, and I know what you're going through. The decision you're faced with is a very difficult and painful one, but even though it's hard, you need to put the needs of your sweet girl before your own.

Keep praying to our Father, and you'll find the strength, courage and peace you need at this sad time. I truely believe anything is possible, and someday you and your girl will be together again in Heaven.

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Look into her eyes and feel what she would want.
If she is in pain, if she will never draw a fresh deep breath again...
it will be from love...when you set her free...

My prayer is that you will meet again.
Bless you both.
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Oh no, I am very sorry, noone should have to go through this. My heart goes out to you in this awful time.
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I have had 2 kitties with tumors and it is very hard. We love our furkids so much and only want the best for them, and sometimes the best thing to do for them is one of the hardest decisions we make. For me the thought of my girls continuing to suffer was worse for me than letting them go.
Letting her suffering end is the greatest act of love you can show your sweet girl.

Sending lots of calming and good vibes your way.
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I am so sorry about your sweet girl, I know how hard this situation can be. Sometimes the kindest, most unselfish thing you can do is just let them go peacefully. I had to make the hard decision for my precious Fred a few months ago, and when he looked in my eyes as he drew his last breath, I knew I hd done the right thing, even though it hurt terribly. I still miss my little friend every day, but I know he is no longer in pain, and that is comforting.
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I agree with everyone's advice. The kindest and most loving thing you could do, would be to let her go. And it will break your heart, and it will hurt tremendously. But please take comfort in knowing that what you did was out of love for her. Give her some peace, and relieve her from suffering any further. It's so hard...the hardest thing you may ever have to do.

Keep praying. We're praying for you. God is calling her home to Him.
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I am very sorry that you are going through this with your special girl. Three days is not very long to get used to such news. Has the vet offered you a time frame? Is she comfortable? If she is not in any pain, I think it is okay to give it more time. If she is hurting, then it is time.

Take the time you need, to sit with her and comfort her. In some ways, the end of life, while painful, is a precious time. You hold in your arms a kitty who has been such a blessing to your life. Your time together may be short, but love extends longer than life, and your love for her will go on.

May God wrap His arms around you and hold you close at this difficult time. I have been there, too, and it is very awful. I hope that if I am ever critically ill I can handle it with the same grace that my kitty Mattie did.

May your girl's final crossing be peaceful. She will be greeted with love over the bridge, where she will wait to welcome you someday.
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Dearest Robyn,
It's very hard for me to write this because I just lost my beloved Sasha, of 14 years by my side, on the 11th. Sasha had lympho sarcoma, no tumors, just a diffused cancer which was near to impossible to treat. I only had about 6 weeks from the diagnosis to his passing, and this is my #1 boy who I had from three days old and his eyes were still closed! it just about killed me to set him free, but I knew I was being selfish to make him hold on, just for me - because he would have. He loved me so much. I feel things very deeply and my spirit is at peace now because I feel his happiness all around me...I never, ever thought I could or would. It was because I was going against nature that I could not find peace. And I have that peace now and I talk to Sasha every day! I bring him flowers and tell him he's always with me.

You will find the peace that you seek by listening to what the larger universe tells you. If your sweetheart needs to go, then have faith...please have faith that God speaks to us in ways we can understand. Have faith in that and you will do just fine.
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