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Stove window crack?

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Question for those of you who might know this.

When we moved into our rental house, there was a nice crack on the inside stove window from our lovely previous tenants (that wasn't the only present they left for us either).
Anyhoo, we never addressed the crack because it didn't look like it was growing any bigger. Apparently there must have been a hairline crack growing as last night when I went to close the over door a huge plate from the glass separated itself.

I'm calling the landlord on it, but just curious, has this ever happened to you? And did they replace the glass or glue the plate back in?

I'm only concerned because we didn't have a move-in form to fill out so that our landlord knew what we weren't responsible for. I'm afraid we might be charged since its 6 months into the lease and now this happens. Plus I'm hoping that I told her, but I can't remember if I did...so that's another reason why I'm asking this!

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When I was little and our stove window cracked, we had to have it replaced entirely.

I'm sorry I can't help more, and I hope the landlord knows it isn't your fault!! If you told her about the other stuff the previous tenents left, hopefully she'll be understanding of this too!
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I just spoke with her and she seemed pretty cool about it. Yes, she is aware of all the other things that the other tenants had (she said they moved out, but we really think she kicked them out because of some of the random things).
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Ours shattered, and we had it replaced. I'm sure it will need to be replaced.
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