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Update on Isis

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Still waiting.... Her nipples appear to have some milk in them still, she has not had anymore discharge, however last night she was laying on our bar and out of nowhere she would just meow real loud. She did this about three times, and then she quit doing it. She is following me around to every room of the house and has to lay in that room if I am in there for an extended amount of time. Yesterday, I found her under my bed like she was nesting, so I got her out from under there and put her in her box. I think she just likes confusing me! I told her yesterday that she could have her kittens now since I was off work yesterday and today, but she is not listening. She must be hanging around my toddlers too much!
Any ideas as to when she will go??
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If Isis is anything like Skittles, she'll make us ALLLLLLL WAITTTTT!!!! lol
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I am beginning to think that all of our cats have a vibe between them that is saying lets all keep them in suspense for the next 2-3 weeks and drive them to the insane asylum!
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You thread hijacker you!!!!! Only 1 kitten and that still born??? I'm sorry to hear that!!! Lots of luck for the coming ones!!!!
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Sorry, I need to have dinner now - I made Duck a l'orange....
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So far no more kittens, not sure if there are any more, but Isis won't let me out of her sight. If I go back in the bedroom she goes back in the box, so maybe there is more.
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Awww, Is she still acting like she's in labor? How long has it been since the first kitten?
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It's been about an hour. I thought she was having more contractions a little bit ago, and she is still leaking bloody fluid. She is still staying in her box and washing herself, I just pray she has at least 1 that lives. I felt them moving yesterday. So I've got my fingers crossed. She is also still breathing a little bit heavier than normal. And still crying for me too-LOL (she did that just as I was writing this)
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It sounds like she has more, I would just go & sit by her. It sounds like she wants you right by her. Bless her heart, Sorry to hear about the 1st baby. Keep us updated!!
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she is still demanding lovins from me so maybe...
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Any update? I missed the part where she went into labor.....More kittens soon, I'm sure!! So sorry to hear you lost one....did the baby look full term.....very important.
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the baby was about 6 inches long-it's been such a long time since I have seen kittens. It looked fairly close to full term. Isis is still trying to get into cabinets and closets when we open them, still following me around, and now she has been rubbing on my male cat which she hasn't done since we first got her last year. She still meows every once in a while too. Does anyone think she will have more? it's been a few hours since the first was born.
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Feel her tummy. What did the stillborn weight.
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I have been feeling her tummy off and on when she will sit still long enough, but I don't feel much of anything except her purring. Although (hopefully my eyes didn't decieve me) I thought I saw one moving around. They (or it) not sure yet, were moving yesterday. I am not sure of the weight, I don't have anything but a bathroom scale.
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I tell you what if she is going to have anymore she better do it today-I already called in to work, they still might call me in if they absolutely have to, so she has to have them today darnit!LOL
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How big was she? Was she just sticking out on the sides a little or was she really round on the sides? I really think shes got more. I think its fairly uncommon to just have one. It sounds like she's still got work to do too...the way she's acting.....
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It was hard to tell about her belly to begin with because of the growth she has on the bottom of her belly. Her sides of her stomach seem slightly smaller but not much. She looks about the same as yesterday. She looks like the picture in my sig.
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Didnt you say u thought she was due first week in June. Maybe that was a premature kit and is due later.
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ok...I was just wondering bcause Patches is so big it is CERTAIN there has to be more than one kitten...you can feel them moving in all differrent areas of the tummy. There was an old thread going on about a cat who had 1 or two stillborn and then like a week later she had the rest of the litter. How is she acting now.....still meowing....any panting? I would wait today, and bring her to the vet late this afternoon if possible....mostly just to put your mind at ease and have an idea of what is going on...did a placenta come out too?
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I am really not sure when she is due. I can't remember exactly when she went into heat.
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When you lift her tail do see anything...
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she cleaned the stillborn (chewed off the sac) and chewed the umbilical cord, but I don't recall anything else.
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she is still having a little discharge every now and then and just a minute ago she was licking herself down there again, but I couldn't get to her in time to see if anything was there.
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You might have to lift her leg while she is laying down to check..
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she still has some bloody discharge,she is laying on the coffee table, no contractions, but she is closing her eyes resting but not going to sleep.
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The discharge that you see now could still be some left over from the first kitten (I'm so sorry, BTW...)...they can spot for a day or two after delivery.

I am wondering if the little still born wasn't a premature kitten too. If she is to deliver the entire litter today, I would think there would be another kitten emerging by now...most cats deliver their entire litter within a 24 hour window of time.

Perhaps she'll hold off on the rest of the babies (and go full term, if the the first was premature) until next week.
In any case, if you feel like she's struggling to have the next kitten (if there truly are any more), then she needs to see a vet ASAP. A kitten could be stuck. Yes, I would go to a vet today. Have x-rays done, and see if there are other kittens, and what could have possibly happened with the still born. Does that sound like something you could do today?
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I was planning on giving her until this afternoon and call the vet if she didn't have anymore. IF the vet is open today. If I have to I can take her to the vet. She seems comfortable and relaxed right now.
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Let us know of any changes! Good luck! Gotta go, my kids want to bogart the computer. their only allowed to play on weekends.....I'll check in later and hope to hear really good news on Isis or Skittles...anybody heard about
the other one, I cant remember her name! I know there was one more......Oh yeah!! Pixie Dust!!! Good luck to all will check in later .........i
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New update on Isis. Still no more kittens, however she is crying off and on (no signs of contractions though) and she is still nesting. Every room I go in to do something she is rooting around. I called the vet, but they were closed, so I called another vet and he was a total jerk, so I am just waiting it out.
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Originally Posted by Isis&D.C.'smom
New update on Isis. Still no more kittens, however she is crying off and on (no signs of contractions though) and she is still nesting. Every room I go in to do something she is rooting around. I called the vet, but they were closed, so I called another vet and he was a total jerk, so I am just waiting it out.

I hope you told him he was a total jerk!
I would have, I'd have also used my favorite Chevy Chase line: Thank you very little!
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