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Spraying after neuter?

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I got my boy Jazz neutered nearly 2 weeks ago. He is 10 months old and had sprayed a couple of times in the house so I figured I better stop putting it off. Anyway, now that the neuter is done and he's pretty much healed I notice that he will back up to a wall or my shower curtain and "appear" to spray but when I check the spot it's always dry. It's like he's trying to spray and nothing comes out? This is definately fine with me but I just wondered if that's normal after a neuter?
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As long as nothing comes out, I wouldn't worry about it. Some cats do continue to spray after being neutered, which is why it is best to get them neutered as early as possible so that he is neutered before the spraying ever begins.

My cats do the "jiggly tail" when they are real happy. Is it possible that he was happy or excited about something when he did it? (Jiggly tail is different from spraying though it looks the same.)
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No, I think he's wanting to mark. I was in the bathroom and he followed me in as usual. He was sniffing the shower curtain. I guess it smells to good to him because he turned around and did the "jigglytail" thing and then turned around to smell it again. He then left and I checked for spray. There was none. Wierd.
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I think I've heard that they are marking with pheremones when they do that.
Our girl cat does that to my car whenever I get home. She runs up to say hi as I get out, backs up to the door, tire, whatever and does the tail vibrate thing and then runs off. I think it's sort of like when they rub their cheeks on things to scent mark them.

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Yes its normal - and he's only been neutered for a few weeks - it takes about a month to get all the hormones out of his system. He should stop soon
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Thanks for replying everyone. I'll give him a couple more weeks to see if he stops. I'm curious if he'll stop wanting to get outside when the hormones leave too? We have a Tom that comes on my back porch and when the glass door is open (screen is shut) Jazz growls and claws at my screen until the Tom leaves. That Tom sprays my porch and it drives Jazz nutzo! I don't blame him but I'm not sure what to do about it. Will he be less territorial like that when the hormones are gone?
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