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cat flaps magnetic or infra red?

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I don’t know if this is the right place for this but here goes...........

I have a catflap in the back door to our house. We only have a small garden surrounded by brick walls that are 12ft high, Pisces like to sit on the wall & watch but he very rarely goes out of the garden. So I thought Pisces started acting a bit strange. Normally he would nudge the catflap door with his head then come strolling in. but he started running through it, flying through the kitchen, dinner-lounge & straight on to the turtle tank. So I decided to sit & watch him from the dinning room window (which overlooks the back door & garden). I’ve found out that there are two cats chasing him. A ginger & white cat & a full tabby. They are chasing him from his wall, down the garden to the cat flap, I haven’t actually seen one come in the catflap yet. Then the other night my partner woke me up at about 5.45am telling me to get up because there was a black & white cat in the house. He said that Pisces was at the bottom of our bad hissing & making those horrible cat noises. By the time I’d got up the cat had gone. I cant be having my cat intimidated in his own home, he is ment to feel safe in his territory. I have also noticed that he is hungry a lot but his food is always gone. I know there is a cat coming in & eating his food & I need to do something about this now before it starts spraying my house. For now I have locked Pisces in the house. He isn’t very happy but I have no choice, & its going to be like that until atleast next week when my partner has got a new panel for the door from work. What I want to know is which catflap should I get, the staywell magnetic flap or the infra red cat flap? Have any of you used anyone of these & which do you think is best?
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I have always used the magnetic ones, but in the new house I am going to switch to infra red. The magnets are very big on their collars and the infra-red 'switches' are much smaller. Other than that, I don't know. I wish there was one with codes so that you could keep some cats in while letting others out, without taking off their collars! And my boys have learned how to open the magnetic flap even when it is set to 'come in' only - so I daren't take the collars off for fear they might be outside without ID.
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Poor Pisces! I hope you find a workable catflap (I have no experience with these) which allows Pisces to enjoy his garden again.
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