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Blind kitty?

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Someone on here posted a while back about finding out one of their kittens was blind. I have a strong suspicion one of my kittens might be blind too. This is the one I asked about the other day that is underweight and stressed and having a hard time eating as much as he should be. I'm calling the vet today to set up an appointment but I was hoping also the person who posted about their blind kitty could PM me?
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I think they found out the kitty was fine if am correct...
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HI Gizzygrandma!
That was me, Sacha is absolutely fine now, it turns out that she may have been the last born out of the 3 so she was a bit slower with her development.
What is making you worry about your little one??
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I took him to the vet today. We got in for a 2:00 appt. The vet said he is definitely neurologically damaged. She said he was probably born that way because the other 6 kittens are fine and have no problems with their growth or development.

She says he will never be right, his walk is not right. One of his pupils is smaller than the other and he might have some sight problems. She gave me the option of having him euthanized right now or waiting to see how he does later.

I opted to wait...which, translated, means that I cannot let the scrawny little rugrat, with all his wailing and running around the house to find me, all 3-quarters of a pound of him...go.

He's pitiful. He's miserable. But I saw him run yesterday and I also saw him look right up into my face today and cry at me while we were waiting at the vets. I also caught him trying to play with his big healthy brothers and sisters a couple of times, so.... he is stuck with me.

Will be posting pics soon

Got any name suggestions?
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Sometimes it's the special babies that we love most.
Do you have any names in mind?
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Special kitties are so wonderful
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I have NO idea what to name him.

I was thinking, because there are 7 kittens, I would give him a name of one of the 7 dwarfs. He could be Grumpy (because he's always crying and I have a favorite "Grumpy" hat that I bought in Disney World a few years ago)....or he could be Sneezy (because he is just now learning to eat his formula from a platter instead of being fed through a syringe and he always sneezes when his head bobs into the plate and I say "Bless You" while I'm trying to help him keep his little head up). He's so cute.

But....I don't like those names. He's a fighter, but he is very very little. He has spindly little legs and when he gets upset, he wails so loud he sounds like one of the birds outside!

He is not even the same kitten I came on here a week or so ago and said was grabbing my heart, he just popped out one night in my living room, came right up to me, and CRIED. He was in distress. And I felt like an IDIOT that I never noticed. He has had my undivided attention ever since.
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He's a fighter, is he definitely male?

Call him Dempsey
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That is cool!

He is definitely Male. I found that out for sure today at the vets.
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