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Does your cat(s) know when they are in trouble?

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The other day, I opened a can of tuna and left it unattended(by mistake) to answer the phone. I heard a thump and realized that Rascal got on top of the counter and was helping himself with the tuna. As I was returning to the kitchen, I heard Rascal getting down and running like he was caught red-handed. Then, he gives me this innocent look like he did nothing at all!
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Mine know, they just don't care.
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I feel sure they know what we don't allow-like getting up on the table or scratching the furniture or rug. My guess is that your cat picked up signals from you! Then he had to find a way to make up.
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LOL That's exactly the way Snowball reacts when he knows he did something wrong. And then, besides trying to look really sweet and innocent, he will also walk up to either me or my son and start rubbing against us.
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A few of ours know when they've done something they shouldn't have, you can see it in the way they walk and the look inthier eyes, plus they slink away rather silently. The few that don't, are the one's who are truly airheads and kittens...

It's funny though because everyday when I get home from work I know when the cats have done something jusat by the reaction of the dog, he looks at me like "oooooooh you're not gonna be happy about this", so I know something has happenned, I just have to find it myself... Kinda like a mystery every day... I come home, I say hello to all the kitties and the dog, they each gets scratches or a head but, and the one who I have the hardest time finding, is ussualy the culprit..

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Cleo has taken to getting up on the dining room table (a no no in itself), taking all the fruit out of the fruit bowl, then taking a nap in the bowl. I tried removing the fruit and leaving a little water in the bowl, but she doesnt seem to mind that. Whenever I catch her at it, she just gives me that "but I'm so cute when I'm doing this" look.

So I've taken the bowl off the table and left the squirtgun on the table. Maybe she'll take the hint.
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When Kiki is doing something wrong and I tell her no, she has a few words to say to me. She really likes to argue with me. It is just the cutest thing and of course I can't stay mad at her.
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After reading the last two posts, I know the truth now! They're not pets; they're con men! Imagine a cat lying in a bowl of water, and pretending she likes it-just to get his own way! And Kiki telling YOU off!-trying to convince you that you're the one who's wrong!~ That's so funny. No wonder we love them.
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Oh yes they do! And then they both have that innocent look too...Sometimes when they've done something they shoulnd't have, they froze and just stare at me thinking "I hope she doesn't see me, I hope I'm invisible right now
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Our kitties all seem to listen pretty well to "no" when I catch them on the only shelf they know they are not supposed to be on. Then when I motion with my thumb for them to remove themselves, they do. The only exception to this is our often bull-headed Abyssinian who sometimes listens and complies when she feels like it. When she does not want to, the only recourse is the squirt bottle which is then followed by a sharp evil look from her as she finally deigns to vacate said no-no spot.
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Ophelia hates being in trouble, or even being told no. She listens the first time and almost never does it again. She's so smart! The exception is getting on the tables, but that is generally only used as an escape route when Trent is trying to play and she doesn't want to.

Trent on the other hand knows when he is doing something bad, but just doesn't care. The only thing he really does is play too rough for our little Ophelia. He did figure out that we will yell at him if he smacks her or nips at her when she comes up on the cat tree and he doesn't want her there. So he changed tactics. Now he just grooms her - the wrong way! She still gets annoyed enough to leave and he doesn't get yelled at.
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Messing up a lady's hairdo?? That's unforgivable! Talk about rubbing one's fur the wrong way. And he's a BLACK cat, my favorite!
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You know, Ophelia is just prissy enough that it really does bother her to have her fur out of place. It was so funny when Trent first tried it. We watched him like a hawk because he would start chewing on her as soon as she got up there. So one day she jumps up there, and instead of munching on her, he starts licking backward on the top of her head, then stops and looks at us like "Ok, I'm not chewing on her. Am I going to get in trouble for this?" Lick, lick, lick. "I'm still not getting yelled at...so this is ok Mom?" Lick, Lick. (Ophelia gives a little irritated grunt and leaves.) "Hey it worked! And I didn't even get yelled at!" He was so proud of himself!
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Booger, one of my previous cats, would do something naughty and, when caught, would do something cute. On the day that Numbnuts and I got married, Booger grabbed my feather boa (it was a Tombstone wedding) and ran off with it. The ex yelled "no". Booger, immediately, dropped the boa and ran into a paper bag and played peek-a-boo. Opie doesn't misbehave but Rowdy does. When Bill or I pick up the squirt bottle, she sits down and tries to look innocent.
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My cats mostly don't think the rules apply to them, so therefore they can't have done anything wrong.

Sparky can sometimes be talked into the litter box, if he's scratching the carpet to make a point about cleanliness, say. But he is pretty convinced that the tub is an alternate box, at least it's ceramic and easy to clean!

And every now and then, one of them will come running from somewhere, then stop in the middle of the floor and lick himself as if that was all it was. I can never find the reason at the time, but usually before bed I'll find something that got knocked over . . .
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Ivo's is also pretty good at listening when I say no. If she tries to scratch the armchair (it's orange velour and really ugly, but I don't want her to get bad habits) I just say loudly "Ah ah ah" and she stops what she's doing. The only thing she doesn't listen about is jumping on my kitchen table. I catch her on it and tell her to get down, and she just sits and looks at me, then gets off in her own sweet time. I think she's trying to teach me that being able to see the birds from yet another angle is more important than so-called hygeine.
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I know when Merlin has done something "bad" when I get home from work, if he streaks out the door past me, without bothering to stop and say Hi, and get his usual dose of "I missed you" petting. :laughing: Then I have to come in and look around for something that has been torn up or knocked over.
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