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Introducing Mosi

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My little furbaby Mosi would like to say hello He's a red somali and is 21 weeks old now and growing up fast. I don't have any pics of his new big brother Jaffa but will post some when I get home - can't have him feeling left out. Here's Mosi. He's soooo cheeky but I love him to bits. He doesn't really have yellow eyes as in the 2nd pic btw! darned flash on the camera.

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He is beautiful.
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Mosi is so cute!! I just want to cuddle him!!
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Mosi what a gorgeous boy you are!
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Awwww, Mosi is gorgeous!
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His coloring is so beautiful!!!
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Can I kiss him and squeeze him (gently) and love him up??? He's adorable!
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Awww, he's so sweet!
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OMG! what a beautiful!!!!!!!!
I love the handcraft next to him streaching!
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Mosi thanks everyone for their nice words and sends licks and head butts to you all!

Here's a couple more pics.

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Oh my! Mosi is so so so squeezable, and kissable!! He truly is gorgeous!!
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aww, he is just gorgeous!
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My, Mosi, what STUNNING fur you have!!!!
I just want to kiss both of his sweet little cheeks!
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I have always been mogy person but when ever I attend a cat show,
the Somalis are the kitties that tug at my heart strings.
Their color, fur and tail are beautiful.

Mosi is absolutely stunning.
OK Jaffa...let's see you too.
Beautiful pictures.
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