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Trish, I have seen that look before. I doesn't bode well that this kitten won't be seen for months because of finances. I hope to get her to the vet by the middle of this coming week-depends on what happens I suppose.
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I hate to say this but MaryAnne is right, sometimes you can just tell by a cats eyes that all is not well. I think it is especially noticable in kittens.

I am glad to see what Willow does appear to be improving but she does need to see a good vet.
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Wow, I am soooooo glad you stood by her and made sure she was taken care of, not saying that putting an animal down is the wrong thing to do but I'm glad you waited!!! So glad she is doing better!
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Hey I maybe new to this site but I will donate $100.oo to willows care or for her mommy & daddy to be able to make rent just give me an address to send check. I have fallen in love with willow and her family.
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Originally Posted by psjauntie
Hey I maybe new to this site but I will donate $100.oo to willows care or for her mommy & daddy to be able to make rent just give me an address to send check. I have fallen in love with willow and her family.
It's so great to see people coming together to help this little kitty out.
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OMG this makes me cry to see the love and support here... I know it is not much but I had a massive medical bill this week....I will send $10.00 maybe $20.00 once I get paid if I get a address...
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Guys, thanks for these offers. I didn't make the offer so it could turn into a fundraising drive. Just think good thoughts for this courageous little creature and hope that next week, she can be seen by a vet.
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Wow, the support from this site really is amazing. I can't believe how great everyone is to offer to help Willow get to a vet sooner.

I just want to say that you guys are really awesome, and hopefully these offers will result in getting Willow the help she needs.

Hissy, your love and concern for cats is so heartwarming.
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You guys know I'd be happy to kick in too.......
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I'm glad Willow will get to see the vet...great thinking MaryAnn! What a blessing you are to cats everywhere!

Prayers that Willow will continue to improve!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
I'm glad Willow will get to see the vet...great thinking MaryAnn! What a blessing you are to cats everywhere!
Ditto that.
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keep us updated.
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Everyone, you guys have brought tears to my eyes, thinking of your wonderful offers of help... just people who would like to help that dont even know us.. its so special....

thank you.
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Like we all said it is like family here and family helps out sometimes just moral but sometimes financially even if it is only a dollar...We try to get the best done...
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wow everyone is so amazing on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great show of compasion for someone!
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Hissy you are a wonderful person!! I am in between jobs but I could offer $20. I know it isn't much, but I know every little bit helps. I love animals so much and would love to do something to help little Willow out anyway I can.
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I could never ask you guys to donate money to me, its... i dont feel right, you all have lives and problems and bills and families that you need to consintrate on. i feel terrible and awed that everyone would even consider offering money to us.. i cant ask that of you.
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It's not about you, it's about Willow. We all might have bills and things, but we have some money to spare and we all want to help. It appears this is the only way little Willow will get the prompt care she needs. This isn't about making you feel guilty. This is about animal lovers that want to desperately help Willow.
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I know its not about me.. i still feel like im.. begging, can you understand that?
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You never begged. Someone more experienced noticed little Willow's eyes and noticed something wrong. No one would have offered to help if they didn't truly want to. You are truly blessed to have found these forums and so many people eager to help Willow. Willow really needs help.
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Willow update here. She is using my husband as a scratching pad ( better then a litter box like this morning) and shes enjoing some cuddle time with him. ( he is mostly protecting her from our monster.

Shes doing well today. Shes actually giving herself a bath today usualy Taz does that, but today shes doing it on her own. Because its so hot ive started giving her a teaspoon of water in between feedings. so she now gets a teaspoon of watered down kmr every 3-4 hours and a teaspoon of water in between each feeding. I want to make sure shes as well hydrated as her siblings.

Fantastic News

Willow drank some KMR outta a plate instead of a syrnge. Well a bit anyway. By the time i got her a refill she was done eating it and wanted to go to sleep. But its something!!!
Willow pictures
sorry they area wee bit blurry, i was using the wrong setting on my camera.

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Silvermoonmyst, please don't feel bad about the donations, sometimes vets bills come along at the worse time but now Willow should be able to get a check up at the vets without you worrying financially.

Good to see some more pictures of her
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I have also had somebody from this site PM me saying they will add to my donation (they are in the UK but do not have a paypal account) and I will add their amount to pay paypal amount to MaryAnne
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Is it just me, or does Willow look better today? I think she looks a little more "with it"..
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She looks a little better. (TYG) She really needs to eat more and I hope she does.
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Yes- please accept the help and have the kitten thoroughly examined.

Just because she is acting better is no clear sign that she is better.

Animals will always attempt to disguise and hide their pain to the very best of their ability simply because nature is not kind to illl or injured animals.
They have a singular ability to compartmentalize pain in order to ignore it and continue to look as if they are fine.

She could be putting on a very brave front and still be in excruciating pain.
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Way to go Willow.......
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Wow, she does look a bit better. Still has that "look" in her eyes, but not as bad as it was before. Slowly but surely, she seems to be making progress, and hopefully with the impending vet visit she'll make even more progress.
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I agree, she looks SOOO much better than before.

Silvermoon, accept the help for the vet visit. I too have come across some financial difficulties lately, and have problems accepting help from people who are willing to give, but in this case, Willow absolutely needs the professional care. Cats are masters of disguising illness and injury, and I'm afraid Willow is no exception. Don't feel bad about it. People here care about Willow, and they care about you...don't let pride get in the way of allowing people to help you do the right thing for your little girl. I know it's hard, and it doesn't feel good in your heart, but the relief you will experience after the vet visit (even if there is something very wrong with Willow) will ease any feelings of guilt...you can rest easier knowing that you have done all you can do!

Anyway, Willow is a sweetheart, and you're doing a great job. It is so apparent to all of us how much you love and care for your pets. Just take that extra step, and accept the help, and know that people here want what's best for your kitties too. Keep up the good work!
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Don't feel bad, you didn't mean to do it. That's not even 1/10th as bad as what happended to my Gramma's kitten about 20 years ago. The little kitten was sitting on her shoulder as she was doing the dishes. When she flipped on the switch for the garbage disposal, it startled the poor thing. It jumped, and landed right down the garbage disposal drain. Talk about horrific.
Originally Posted by silvermoonmyst
I stepped on her. It was after midnight, well its one am now, and i was going to the bathroom, and i stepped on her. I dont know how she got out of the enclosed area, but she did. And the bathroom light was on. She was laying on her back and blood started welling up from her chest and then from her mouth and nose... Its been about 20 minutes, shes still breatheing. I called the vet, but there isnt one open 24 hours in my town, too small. The nearest is 40 miles away, and my husband is in that town right now, so i cant get there, the best i can do is hold her till morning and then get my step father to take me to the vet. If she makes it. Shes bleeding still. Every now and then she heaves like shes trying to be sick. Only nothing happens, I keep expecting her to cough up blood or something. Right now shes cuddled up in two towels with me here. I dont know what to do, I cant go back to sleep now. And i cant just sit here, damn it. I dont know what to do, i think i killed my baby...
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