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Friday 19th May daily thread

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Good morning!
It is a beautiful day here in Dundee and I am off work! Mark just left for his last exam *breathing many sighs of relief* and his friend and I are going to meet him and everyone else in the pub at 12! Can't wait.
We had to call the police last night...I know we live right in the city centre and it can be really noisy but the pubs shut at 11.30pm and last night at 1am there were still people screaming on the street. Mark couldn't sleep and needed to get up at about 6am to finish reading a few notes. This just went on and on so I called the non emergency services. The guys were just running in and out of this pub which should have had its doors locked at that time! They were behaving like monkeys on bikes and skateboards and the lady in the control room was very understanding and said they would send a car past ASAP to move them along and get the pub to shut their doors.
It went quiet within about 10 mins It was just absolutely inconsiderate and I have no idea why the pub was still open!
Anyway, have a great day everyone!
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Sorry you had such a bad night, Lauren! I'm pleased the Police were so prompt though!

Haven't the 24 hour licences been approved now? Or was it possibly a Lock In?!

Well, I'm still not better But I really, really have to get some of this housework done - even if it is slowly! Plus, if I feel up to it, I can drive out to collect my new specs! (Willow has been chewing on the end of these ones and broken them off to the metal spike! )

Glad you have better weather than we have Lauren! Sending Good Luck }}}VIBES{{{ Mark's way!
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Hello I've just discovered the cat lounge!

I'd like to share my good news - I've just had my first uninterrupted night's sleep since I got my new kitten 6 weeks ago The little imp usually wakes me up in the early hours of the morning either to play or just as he's climbing under the duvet to cuddle up to me! This morning I awoke without the assistance of either of my cats at about 6.15am (just 15 mins before my non furry alarm was due to go off) to find the pair of them snuggled up together the other side of the bed (near the radiator that had just come on). Hopefully this is the first of many!

Have a good day everyone!
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Welcome to the Lounge!

That's fantastic news! I hope you got a picture of your cuddlers to show us in Fur Pages!
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Hello Urbantigers! I am so happy today Rocket turned one, I cant believe how quickly time passed!

Lauren I'm really sorry about your night I hope your partner does well in his exams. My Fiance is in his last year of uni and he has his first exam yesterday, I can't wait for them to be over so he can return to loving person he usually is (he has been so grumpy lately)!
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It's our Wedding Anniversary today, and I have only just remembered
But as I didn't get a card he nust have forgoten as well!!!!!
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Good Morning!! All I can say it ITS FRIDAY!!! Its been a long week and yesterday was the worst!! Today will be better though!! Tomorrow Lee is racing in the first race of the Alabama State Dirt Series in Go Kart so if I can get some winning vibes please?! I hope everyone's Fridays are going good already!!
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Originally Posted by urbantigers
I'd like to share my good news - I've just had my first uninterrupted night's sleep since I got my new kitten 6 weeks ago
CONGRATS!!! That's always the most beautiful thing, remembering what its like to get a full nights sleep.

It's Friday! This weekend is going to be dedicated to my lesson plan for Tuesday night class, but I may sneak out as I saw our town's Main Street is having a small wine tasting fest. Yum!!

It's suppose to be sunny tomorrow so I may get out and plant some of the flowers I got last weekend.
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Good morning everyone!

Today I have the day off, I need to run a whole bunch of errands though. My maid of honour is coming over tomorrow to see our new place... can't wait!

Have a wonderful day everyone
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I awake tired again as I worked from about 1:00 pm to 8:00pm. The lastest project had lots more digging than I hoped!! Shoulders and neck are tight.
Light day today some errands and dig out more plants for my sale tomorrow.
Then get them all placed out, signs to hang up etc.....
Its nice and sunny though with a high temp of 70 F!!
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Morning/Afternoon all! TGIF!!! I have to work all weekend (as usual) but I am going Saturday after work to meet a little doggy that I might be adopting, it all depends on the Vinster She's an older, about 9 years, possible english cocker spaniel mix. She's a reddish color and they've been calling her Annie, but they said she's pretty deaf, so I'm probably going to change her name since she can't hear it anyway! I'm thinking Merlot, since Vino means "wine" and she's red-colored... I love my themes, yes I do No other plans this weekend, just going to try to watch all the shows I've been DVRing this week cause I've been to busy to watch them and then the NASCAR race on Saturday night- Go Junior!! I also have to clean a bit, vacuum, dishes, wash kitchen floor, a little laundry, I'll be lucky if 2 of those get done
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Happy Anniversary Anakat!

Welcome to the Cat Lounge Urbantigers

I am watching the rain fall while I finish packing and get ready to head off!

Have a great weekend everyone!
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I love your new siggy, Karen!

Is Abby having someone drop by while you are away? My three are thinking it might be party time at yours!
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Thanks Sarah!

Yes, one of my friends is stopping by, but Abby always loves company. She is willing to get the liquor and catnip out at any time
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Great! Willow has already packed his catnip tea bags and is shouting at Molly and Tibby to get ready!

"Abby, we're on our way!"
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Party @ Abby's? I'll be sending Harley over!

Didn't do much last night - went out for Mexican with my friend for supper (it was soooo good) and I had Fried Ice Cream for dessert I think I might treat John this weekend and go back!

I'm so glad its Friday.... its a dreary day outside and I really wanted to stay home and cuddle up with Harley! I'm going to be getting myself a new vaccuum this weekend and I'm going to do a deep clean on Saturday - I'm kinda excited!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!
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Good morning to all! It is a very nice sunny day here. Dont have much on the agenda today except to go to my sons school in a little over an hour to watch him in a "living musuem" he and the other 6th graders are performing in. BTW-my son had his first baseball game last night(double hitter) and they won both of them!! The first game was pretty sad,lol. We beat them like 25-0, and the second game was like 13-3.....but he was very happy-and tired too-we didnt get home until almost 10 pm, and that makes it rough when ya gotta get up and go to school the next day, but we all survived.
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Good Morning everyone!! And welcome to the lounge Urbantigers!

Fh and I went out last night to find a hibachi grill. It was an absolutely fruitless search as everything was plastic or aluminum or generally ready to fall apart. On the plus side, I did get some of those cards with paint colors on them to start picking colors for the wedding.

Today it's a bit cloudy here, which I'm gratefull for cause it's been unseasonably hot. I'm going to try and clean house and work on my quilt today.

Best news of all though!!! Today is the one year anniversary of when Kanoe came to live with us! Happy Anniversary Kanoe!! (I hope you still love us )
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Hi everyone,

Its 6.30pm and Pete has just left for work.

Had a good day so far, done some shopping, moved the fish around so that the carnivores are in one and the veggies are in another. Should make them much less complicated to feed.

Went to the cinema to see the Da Vinci Code, it was ok.. a bit over hyped but i didn't think it was as bad as the media make out. I think Tom Hanks is a great actor but feel that it may have benefited from a less well known lead

Had a chicken jalfrezi for my tea and just about to settle down for the evening with Orlando Bloom
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well the last few days my sleep has = to 0!

Kaylee has been waking me up at 5:30 am in the last 3 days by playing with a battery! i get up and confiscate it, then hear her chewing, and confiscate what ever it is, then i have to get up early, and i have been so busy in the last few days that now my brain cant even think straight!!!!!!!

Today i woke up at 5:30, but finally got up to get dressed at 6:50, did my things, packed kaylee in her cage and went to the vet, straight from the vet to my german course, then went shopping, then went to a bank to open a new account, then came home and not even 30 mins later we headed off to get kaylee, it took us 45 mins to get there because of traffic!
Now im home, just had dinner and finally relaxing with a nice cuppa tea!
Thats my day
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I just finished packing my clothes for my vacation to Mexico. We board the plane first thing Monday morning. I was looking forward to it, but my "good" fortune found me sick Tuesday morning and it only seems to be getting worse. I took a bunch of NyQuil last night and have been in bed since yesterday, except for a few hours this afternoon when I had to pack my clothes.
We have insurance on the trip, so I could cancel, but I figure if I have to be sick, I'd rather be sick on the beach in Mexico. Maybe a couple of Pina Coladas will help.
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