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Cats Cold?

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Hello, I recently adopted two kittens from the pound. Both of them, as well as the majority of the kittens at the pound seemed to have a cold.. many of them were sniffling, and sneezing.

We picked out two kittens that looked very healthy and loving so we bought them and took them home the next day. We get them home, and we find that they too are sick.

Here are their symptoms:
- Runny nose
- Sneezing often
- Sneezing/a lot of sniffling when they wake up in the morning before they finally get a big sneeze out
- One of them has their left eye shut all the time, and its nearly impossible to pull it apart without hurting him. His eye is fine once he gets it opened he is fine until he goes back to sleep and it reshuts.
- Running eyes, what looks like just a clear watery liquid runs in his eyes (both of them)

I read up a little and I saw something about a respiratory problem with cats who have watery eyes, or a herpes virus that causes the eyes to water a yellow/brownish color. Is any of this true?

We plan to take him to the vet tomorrow afternoon, I just need to put my heart to rest for the night.
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Could be cat flu, i really hope it isn't as it can be really nasty

Or possibly a sinus type infection?

Its difficult to guess as it could be so many things. I hope all goes well at the vets tomorrow. I am sure your vet will sort them out.

Cats, they do like to worry you dont they
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Any of those illnesses are possible, let us know what the vet said.
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Well, if the cat flu is typical to throwing up and whatnot, he hasnt done that yet.. in fact he's been eating and drinking properly.

As for a sinus infection I think I noticed something else, he's opening and closing his mouth when he's breathing so I think his nose is completely stuffed (he was doing this while he was sleeping so Im thinking it was a reflex type thing)
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Yup, it is unfortunately quite common for shelter babies to come home with URIs (Upper Respiratory Infections) - so taking them to the Vet will sort things out for sure.

Good luck and please keep us in the loop!!
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Hopefully its nothing serious and your babies are okay
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