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My baby is now 5 weeks and 4 days He weighs 15 ounces. Almost a pound I took some pictures for you to see. I havent really been trying that much solid food but yesterday i started to give him baby food chicken and he ate some i was shocked and proud he only ate about a tablespoon but he ate the same amount today and then his bottle. Im still having problems with the literbox any suggestions? i put him in it and do the digging with his paw but he climbs right out....I have even played with him and waited for him to go...nothing but as soon as i put him in his box i can smell the urine....any suggestions?? Also someone said in a previous post that fancy feast didnt have enough nutritional value any suggestions on what brand??? One more question how do i tell if hes a boy? The vet says he was a boy but that was at a little after a week but my boyfriend thinks its a girl because of the placement or something i tried to take pictures but it didnt come out...ok heres some pictures for you! Thanks guys for the feedback

Azriels first somewhat solid food:

My love and my boyfriend :

Watching tv like father like son!
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I put Azriel in the liter box after i fed him his bottle i thought ok might as well try he stood there for a minute then jumped out. I have a rug on my floor near my bed he ran to that side of the room. My boyfriend looked down and said are you peeing? and sure enough he was. He picked him up took him to the other side of the room and put him in the liter box. He started digging!!! i was so i had never seen him do that.My boyfriend says your suppose to do that before you pee kitty and i laughed. It looked like he was squating and i said is he going & sure enough a big poop came out! it was toothpaste consistancy and everything i never thought id be so over joyed to see poop. He looked like he was trying to eat it but he didnt cover it up (im not sure if they do) so i took him out and kissed him. Couple minutes later I went to put him back in to see what he would do he jumped out and ran to the carpet and of course he was peeing again...i put him in the liter box again and then he jumped out. Why is he doing this? While I a overwhelmed he pooped and used the liter box those were two big problems, why is he peeing on my carpet? First my bed now this...I want to laugh but jeez!
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I suspect that he is peeing on the carpet because his scent is there from doing it previously, have you tried moveing the litter box to that particular spot??
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no i havent moved it but his scent wasnt there the first time he did it .
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His first time using the liter box hes growing up so fast!
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Ok, Try this...Take little Azreal & hold him above his litter box & stimulate him to pee so that the pee flows into the litterbox then after place him in the box with it & he should smell this & learn that that is where he's supposed to put that too! This has worked with a few of my stubborn babies...
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When my kittens started roaming a little I still had towels in their bed. I discovered that they weren't peeing in the litterbox but on the towels. I got rid of the towels, put them in a confined space and within hours they were all using the litterbox.
After they learned to escape from their enclosure, they learned to use the cat door and use the big cats litter box on their own. But they were almost 6 weeks before this happened.

Also, you might try and little bigger litter box...

Hang in there!
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It might just be the angle of the photo, but that litter box looks a little tall for a small kitty to easily get in and out of.

The photos on this site should help you determine if he is in fact a boy
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The pictures to tell if its a boy or girl arent very clear to me...any other pics or advice or websites
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Originally Posted by Azreal McCray
The pictures to tell if its a boy or girl arent very clear to me...any other pics or advice or websites
the method i've always used is this - boys, looking under the tail, have 2 dots, like a colon : girls have a dot then a slash, like a semicolor ; from the pic you posted, i think he looks like a boy, but i can't be sure.
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He's too cute.

I'm the one that commented on the Fancy Feast. I split a can of Fancy Feast between my two adult cats (4 and 3 years old) in the morning...some flavors of Fancy Feast aren't too bad for adults...they contain more actual meat than by-products than a lot of the cheaper canned foods. But for a kitten, you will need to feed canned kitten food. I would try Nutro Natural Choice Kitten Formula, Nutro Max Kitten Food, Royal Canine Baby Kitty, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul (kitten formula), Purina One Kitten, Wellness Kitten, etc. There's lots out there!

I also do agree that the litter box looks too deep for him to have easy access. Try a shallow foil lasagna pan...they're like 4 for a dollar, and can be cleaned out and re-used a couple of times. Or even a cookie sheet with filled with litter.

Have you made his first kitten vaccination appointment yet? Most kittens can receive their first shots by the 6th week.
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