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Visiting Toms!

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I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if anyone else has a possible solution.

My girlfriend and I have a cat, Heidi, who is strictly an indoor cat. Somehow, a neighborhood Tomcat has discovered that Heidi lives in the house and he prowls around at night. This would not be bothersome however, Heidi does not like the attention. When the Tom visits at 4 AM Heidi hisses, scratches at the door, and in general does anything possible so that we come turn on the light to scare away the suitor.

What could be done to keep this stray away? Any ideas?
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Heidi spayed?
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If Heidi's spayed, then get the squirt gun out and "shoot" the tom. There are cat repelants (spray) that you can get that might work on the outside of your house, around the doors.

If she's not spayed, then get her done. Usually a tom will hang around only if the female is a breeding one.
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if you want to breed her, you may try with the pill. Her scent will be weaker.
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We have the same problem!

I found that the outside cat only goes to the patio door, where they can be eye-to-eye. Then the fighting and spitting starts! It's always in the wee hours of the morning and wakes us up.

We started closing her out of that area at night, and the cat does not come to other windows, so that worked. Maybe you can find a similar solution?
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Wow! Thanks for the quick responses.

Heidi is spayed. Our visitor also comes to the patio where they can see eye to eye. Initially, when we came back from vacation, we found muddy paw prints at lower windows in the front of the house. Now the Tom comes to the back. Unfortunately our house is open-concept and we can't keep Heidi out of that area.

As for the squirt gun, I could never get to him in time because as soon as I even get to the door he's off the patio and watching me from the yard and if I open the door, he's gone. I may have to look into this spray. Any more info?
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Ideally, getting the tom neutered will solve the problem. But then you would have to trap him, get him vetted and turn him loose (or keep him)

Both cats are acting from instinct, he smells her, sprays your door and she reacts from fear and aggression. Hit your door with a blacklight from the outside, I would bet there is cat pee all over it.
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