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Help our Cats!

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Hello everyone!

We are in desperate need of help for our 2 cats Loki and Felix. My husband and I are both international students from the Maldives here in the US. My husband has been here for 10 years and myself 5 years. In 2001 we adopted two little kittens from Humane Society here in Ormond Beach FL.

Due to immigration changes and our visas expiring we have to go back to Maldives. Since Maldives is 9000 miles away we figured it’ll cost us some money to take the cats with us. Not once did we think we might have to leave them behind. Since our airlines will not let us check the pets in as excess baggage. We were willing to pay up to $1000 to take them back through a pet moving service. We were not prepared in anyway to pay the $3100 minimum estimate price quote they gave us. We just cannot pay that much since our move itself is costing us a lot. Our leaving date is 28th of this month. We got the quote 3 weeks ago. A friend said they’ll take them both and has changes his mind at this very last minute. We are out of options and are desperately seeking a good home for them even if it meant separating them. As long as we know they are in good home separately even we will feel better.

As of yet we have not found a home for them, and we REALLY DON’T WANT to take them back to the humane society where they might very well be put to sleep if no one adopts them.

Here is some information about them.
Both cats a male, neutered and have microchip identification in them.
Loki is a Siamese-Domestic mix.4 ½ years old. Loves people. Licks and sniffs everything. Craves attention and loves to cuddle. Will follow you around. Loves to get into any type of box. Will play till he drops.

Felix is a Mackeral Tabby. 4 ½ years old. Very shy and hides when strangers come in to the house. His wild instincts kicks in when playing or if an insect enters the house. Very precise and will catch it very soon.

Am attaching pics of both Loki and Felix. Loki is a white with the grayish coat. Felix is darker one.

If anyone out there knows anyone who could take them please reply. Who ever want to adopt them, we will pay full price to take them to their door step, anywhere is the USA. Please please please help us find a home for our cats.

Thanx a lot for reading!!!!
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Aw, you must be devastated that you have to give up your babies. I'm sorry I cannot take them, but I really hope you find a home for them..I really hope you find a home where they can be together too..It will be very traumatic to split them up especially after they have to leave their family and home.

best of luck.
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My heart goes out to you! Your kitties are gorgeous. My apartment complex has a 2 cat limit and I already have 2 cats, so I can't take them. I sure hope someone will adopt them but if you end up having to take them to a shelter, please find a no-kill shelter.
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Look up your area on Petfinder, to find rescues near you. They are different from the shelter, and are generally no-kill. They will probably take your boys, and will find good homes for them. My shelter has had several kitties who were required to be adopted together, since they were closely bonded.

Just remember that rescues are always short of funds, so if you can donate a good amount of money it would help a lot.

Also, try to find a rescue like mine, where all the kitties are fostered in homes, so Loki and Felix will be in a home atmosphere rather than a cage while awaiting their new home.
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I agree that you might be able to find an agency or a foster to help out, esp. if you can provide some sort of donations. At the very least, they may have some suggestions. How tragic that you cannot extend your visas - have you consulted an immigration specialist? AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) might have some suggestions for a lawyer in your area. This is all so sad My thoughts & prayers are with you!
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