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Bad experience and Question??

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Well we took Snickers in to this clinic...... ......and it ended up being a bad experience. I was going to this clinic because it was inexpensive ($45 including shots and worming, exam etc) and they could get her in sooner than the normal clinic I use. So the guy is very persistant in calling. (four calls in 30 minutes) and he seemed nice enough. So he told me to bring in the $45 cash and $20 to $40 extra in case they found anything. Well I decided that I was only taking $45, for one thats all I had and two because if she needed anything I was going to take her to my vet. I just didnt like the idea of being told it was $45 but then being told to bring extra just in case.
So we got there on time and the guy seemed nice enough. I told him that she had already been checked for worms and did not have any but he went ahead and wormed her anyway. Then he tells us she has ear mites and possible an inner ear infection. So he goes on and on about what they are going to do and then what we will have to pay for. Total came to $85, which obviously isent bad but when I said well I dont have that money he takes away a couple things saying we dont have to do them so the price came down to $70. But I said no we are not paying for that so he says he cant do the surgery then. So by then I was so upset we just left. He might be honest in what he was saying but his whole technique was terrible. He never looked me or my husband in the face and his hands shook the whole time. I was upset because she is in heat and I just wanted her taken care of but now I have to call my vet tomorrow about the ear mites and then reschedule her appt to get fixed with the other clinic and Ill probablly have to wait four more weeks.
My question is......when she went to the vet when we first got her they said she did not have mites. Now I know they can hatch later but can they cause in inner ear infection? I guess they can.......**sigh** SO he couldnt do the surgery if she had an infection? Is that true?
I was just so bummed.
So now I wait for tomorrow...........
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I cannot see any reason why he could spay her is she has ear mites. Do you see brown stuff when you look into her ear? If not and her ears are clean then she most probably doesn't have ear mites even.

But he should still be able to do the surgery. The inner ear infection is always a POSSIBILITY but I have had so many cats with ear mites and it never went on to anything else. It sould like he was making an excuse to get you too pay more but telling you he wouldn't do something that you defiantely wanted and needed done. Please look in your cats ears, I am curious, are they all full of brown stuff?

The fact that he never looked you in the face and his hands were shaking?? That is really odd. Have you gone there before? Are there other vets at that clinic?
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That sounds horrible and very dodgy. I am glad you didn't entrust your cat to him to do surgery!
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I must confess that i personally do not like it when people dont make eye contact. It does not instill me with any great confidence, of course the guy could just be shy.

If his hands were shaking it could be either he has an illness or is nervous about something, which again would not give me any confidence And i certainly wouldn't want this guy doing any surgery on my cat or giving vaccinations. However it would not prevent him from giving a diagnosis.

Ear mites can be really difficult to get rid off, but shouldn't prevent you getting your moggy being spayed. If there is an infection there i would think that she would need anti-biotics to shift it, which may be why he is not able to put Snickers under. It can affect balance.

I am always being told that i tend to be too see the good side of people, perhaps when i shouldn't. At the end of the day everyone needs to have faith and trust in their vet. Our fur babies are very precious to us and i for one would rather pay more for treatment and leave the surgery feeling that i have giving my cat the best i can

I would certainly get a second opinion in any event, perhaps you can pay in instalments and use the vet of your choice rather than this other clinic?

I hope all goes well today, please let us know how Snickers (cool name ) gets on
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Thank you everyone!! I feel better having heard from everyone!
I really am so much more at peace with us having walked out. He may have been telling the truth but the whole way he went about it was very unprofessional. He got very angry when we said we were not paying for extras and would see out own vet about all that. We just wanted her to go to a clinic where getting her fixed would be $45 instead of $205. The other stuff Id rather have my vet take care of. I just trust him more. My mistake came in when I could not get her in to my normal clinic soon enough so I took one from the ones listed here and without knowing anything about this place still took her. I had bad vibes about it before we even went because of the area it was in and then when we arrived and I saw how run down the place was I was even more nervous about it. But Like I said the man had been very nice on the phone so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But it soon became ugly.
As for the ear mites.......Im thinking she does have them. They are not "full" of brown stuff but way at the bottom there is some. So when the vets office opens today I will be calling. Im worried about my other pets as well now not to mention human family. Although I did read they will die if they climb on board a human.
Then Im calling my normal clinic to get her fixed. I should have just stuck with that to begin with. She had an appt next Friday and STUPID me cancled it when I got in with this new place. **Sigh** Live and learn.

Thanks again everyone!!! Ill let you know what happens.
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Oh My HUGE PRAISE.....I called the clinic where I had originally set up the appt and they NEVER canceled my appt so Snickers goes in next Friday. What a blessing. I was so excited. So Now I just need to get her in with the vet and Ill be calling at 9.
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wow.. that is kinda bad I think... I called around to diff vets to check prices on spay and found one that spays for $75 instead of $105.. So I went to the cheaper one.. I guess I didnt really know anything about the place, but it was in a good part of town, close to where I live, next to Wings (a really good place to get wings hehehe) and when I went in it was clean, quiet, nice lady's at the desk in scrubs.. Soo I was thinking, this place seems nice. I didnt get to meet the vet though I had to work and when I picked her up I think he was busy with another animal so didnt get to see him then either, but I think i'm ging to take little Noah there for his check up and meet him.. But Kitty is doing fine. Really touchy right now.. I hope she's not licking her stiches...
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Originally Posted by lizk729
Oh My HUGE PRAISE.....I called the clinic where I had originally set up the appt and they NEVER canceled my appt so Snickers goes in next Friday. What a blessing. I was so excited. So Now I just need to get her in with the vet and Ill be calling at 9.

Wow grats.. thats a good thing.. I think they knew you were going to come anyways. lol let us know how it goes.
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Hope everything goes ok for you and Snickers
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Well we are back. The appt went very well. They did not see ear mites but they did see irritation so they gave her some revolution because it might be ear mites. But even with getting some ear wax from her and looking under the microscope there were no mites. So thats good. Everything else with her checked out really well. They gave me some revolution to give to Stormy here at home as well just in case. I dont want to mess with that. Id rather be safe than sorry. But there was no reason she could not have been fixed. So at least we didnt stay at the other clinic though because the guy was obviously out for money. Our vet is so wonderful and I am so thankful for his time today. The way he talked with me and dealt with the cat was so much nicer than the guy at the clinic. The way the guy at the clinic handled Snickers was so rough and so mean but at the vets today they used two people and she didnt even really get upset.
Id actually like to steer people away from this clinic but I dont want to slander someplace and someone when the experience might be different for someone else.......I dont know. Ive been torn about it.
Anyhow its all turned out good. Shes really healthy and in great shape. She is so tiny too. She weighs 5.8lbs and they guessed her to be one year old so we made her birthday April Fools Day.
Thanks for all the support and encouragment everyone!!!
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Oh I am so happy for you and your baby..

Yes it is truely a blessing to find a good / kind and caring vet. It took me 3-4 tries but now I have found one to which I am going to stick like Glue!!!!
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I am so glad it turned out well. It is so important to have someone you have trust in. I had a bad experience here with the only private vet, before I found Vet Haris at the vet faculty. The problem is he doesn't have any modern equipment to do blood tests and things, but he is a really good vet and has a wonderful manner with the animals! And he believes in rescue and TNR and gives me special prices!
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