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HBO special

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Last night I watched a special on HBO about the WTC tragedy. Every time I watch something to do with the attacks, my heart goes out to the victims and their families. Its been nine months, yet, I cry often for those loved ones who lost their lives. I am a catholic who was brought up in forgiving those who do harm. But how can I forgive those men who caused a lot of pain? Those men whose only thoughts are to kill those they don't like. Do they realize that maybe they killed one of their own(Not the hijackers)? Every week, I see protesters marching by one of the Senator buildings in downtown. They are protesting the war in the Middle East and they want peace? Do you think the Taliban will want peace? I heard rumors that they plan to do another attack? Have the protestors lost anyone? I didn't lose anyone I loved, but I feel like I have. In the sorrowful faces of loved ones left behind, I feel like I've lost a lot. I would love to have peace on Earth, but it is not likely with hearts filled with hate and vegance! If people hate Americans, then its their right(I love Americans), but do not go as far as murdering innocent victims. I've always believed that life is a precious gift. Life is too short. Lets show those that hate us what we are really like. A loving, peaceful, united country. We do not wish harm or misfortune on anyone, but if one harms us in any way, then look out! I am sorry, but I am feeling really sad at how things have come in the world. I pray daily for peace. I cannot forgive Bin Laden for what he did to us. I hope he can pay a high price. These things I say from the heart. I just want to go hug the loved ones who lost someone, especially the children!
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Sunday night's In Memoriam on HBO was absolutely superb. I have never seen a documentary that said so much in 1 hour. Rudolph Giuliani said it so well when he noted that we have to not speak of this event in euphemisms. We need to never forget what happened on this day, so that hopefully it never happens again. The sights were disturbing, to be sure, but I find it more disturbing that too many people think it's ancient history, not even a year later.
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I watched that and recorded it. I have never felt so sad. It was very well done and said so much. The faces of all these people.....
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Ya know....

I couldn't even watch it, too many people I know are now out there fighting this war, good people have been/are being lost to us.
It turns my stomach to think that there are people in this country who have already started to think of it as a distant memory.
At the same time I think that we ourselves, as a nation, have done it to ourselves.... the forgetting I mean. Not that I am blaming media in any form, but let's face it, we see things on TV and hear things on radio that 20 years ago we would have never ever seen. we, as a society, have steeled ourselves to violence that surrounds us. Remember the very first time you saw a dead person on the news... and now it's like an everyday thing, no one is shocked, no one remembers.

Like I said, we've done it to ourselves, WE let it happen....

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Well put, Ken.
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Thank you!

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Ken, I know what you mean. I think only those affected can't ever forget. This is something that should not be forgotten and also be prepared for future attacks. I can't ever forget this. Like they forgotten about the Okhalohma City bombing. Or the bombing of the embassy!

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Iron workers remove the flag from the top of the last remaining steel beam of the World Trade Center in New York. The 30-foot girder that survived when the twin towers collapsed Sept. 11, was cut down Tuesday, ending 8 1/2 months of cleanup.

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I agree with everything you said, but I also think the show was an important one to watch. I think we are supposed to be bothered by what we see. The raw images help to recapture what a tragedy it was and continues to be. I feel like if I can ever look upon those images and not be affected, then something is wrong with me.
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I agree with both of you!!! There is no way I will forget what happenned, not the towers, not the OK bombing, the embassy bombing, not the Pan Am downing, not the USS Cole attack. You're right those people who have let it fade, should have watched it. Coincidently, we have some friends that live in Jersey, and visiting them we have to travel down this street along the water and last weekend we got there while the sun was still shining, and both of us were stunned by the skyline of NYC, more to the point, what was missing from it. Up until that point, we had only glimpsed from a distance the twin towers from the GW as we crossed it. It was, for lack of a better term, heart wrenching and sobering at the same time.....

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It is especially hard but at the same time a tresured memory to see old shows and movies with the twin towers. The last one was an Animal Planet Breed all about it with the basenjis. And the movies!
Is it hard for you guys to see them?
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The father of a friend of mine who lives in PA recently drove through Jersey. He grew up in the city. He said he couldn't even bring himself to look over at the skyline. I'll be in NYC in July. Even though the whole cleanup is done, I want to go to Ground Zero.
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