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I have a question....wan't sure where I would put this... :(

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well...my kitty died today...and nobody knows why this is the first pet I've ever had that died. I'm gonna put something about him in the "Crossing The Bridge" thing, but I really don't feel like it
anyway, before he died, i was all ready thinking about getting this one kitten, but i made a promise long ago that if one of my cats' die, I wouldn't replace them, and I would wait about a year until I got another one, but I've really grown attached to this one kitten, and I really had no idea that my cat would die, so I don't know if I should get it or not. What I'm afraid is that my other cat will hate me and think that i really am replacing whiskers you should've seen the look on her face when she saw my mom pick up his limp body and put it in a box. kate looked like she was crying and she looked at me and gave me this look like "what's going on?"
but I really don't want her to hate me, and i don't want my other kitty to think i'm replacing him, and I don't know if I should get this kitten
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I'm so very sorry that you lost your friend.

Allow your kitty to grieve the loss of her friend. Cats do grieve like we do. However, cats don't think like we do - she won't think of it in terms of "replacing" your angel. And we certainly know that no kitty can ever be replaced. You can bring another one into your heart and home, but you can't replace them.

Allow yourself time to grieve too. I don't know if you have to make a decision about this other kitten right away, but all I can say is that your heart will know when you are ready to love another kitty.

Since your main question is about your cat's reaction to bringing another one into your home so soon after her friend's passing, I'll move this to Behavior for you.
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That is so sad *hugs* I wish you the best..
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I'm so sorry for your loss.Poor Kitty.
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I like to think that every time we lose a beloved kitty, it leaves an empty lap for a kitty that is probably in desperate need of a home. It is of course up to you if you bring in a new kitten, and when, but if you are already attatched to one particular kitten, it would not be wrong to take him in. We cannot replace the ones that have passed, but we can save another life. Myself, when I lost my dear Fred, if I had not had other kitties at home, I would have gone directly to the shelter from the vet. I cannot imagine a home without cats.
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I am so sorry for your loss
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I lost my soulmate cat, Max, a black and white tuxedo cat, last July. He was twelve yrs. old and died suddenly from kidney failure. We had no idea what happened as he was healthy one day and sick the next. At the time I thought about getting another cat, even though I had two more besides Max already. But I didn't do it. I knew in my heart I was not ready to take such a step. In my case, the two cats I had left had always had some urinary issues. The were more high maintenance cats than Max and so it has cost me for special cat food all the time for them as well as more vet bills. I decided I already had all the cats I could afford to care for. For one thing when you get a cat, you never know what health issues might develop. I want to be able to pay for whatever these two need, so I never got another cat. Even though I have two cats, I still feel my lap is empty. Max was so special and he owned my heart. If I got a hundred cats, none of them would ever take his place in my soul. I still miss him.
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No cat is replaceable, that's for sure. Just like children, we always reserve a special space in our hearts and laps for the cats we lose...I'm so sorry to hear about your precious kitty. It's never easy, and it's always a tremendous heartache. Sending prayers to you and your family. Your cat is smiling down on you and is sending you invisible leg rubs and head butts...

It is not wrong to adopt another cat or kitten after losing your special friend. If that feels right, then let it be so. The new kitten is an individual, and will never replace your cat that passed. But as people, we have the gifts of love and nurturing to pass along to another animal in need. We sometimes make the mistake of giving cats human emotions...and certainly cats do have emotions, and feel things that we do, such as joy, excitement, loss, fear, contentment, jealousy. But cats don't see the world through our eyes...they don't process these emotions the same way we do, if that makes sense.

Do whatever is in your heart, and know that whatever you decide, will be looked upon favorably from across the Rainbow Bridge. And chances are, by bringing a new cat into your life, you are helping your present cat deal with her own feelings of loss, too.
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