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I need to neuter a cryptorchid kitten but man I am having a tough time finding a vet who will not charge an arm and a leg to do it! Since they have to neuter through the belly like a spay, can't they just charge the cost of a spay? Not double the price of a neuter? Is it this way everywhere? Anyone know?

BTW I forgot to say, a cryptorchid is when the male cats testicles haven't dropped.
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My cat had bilateral cryptorchid a few years ago, and it was a lot more than a basic spay or neuter.
It isn't just going into the abdomen, but then doing an exploratory surgery to find one or both testicles. If he has both testicles retained, make sure you ask the vet if he found "both", or behavior problems can arrise later on.
Most of the vets around us wouldn't operate until O'Malley was a year old. I hope that the protocol has changed, as it would be much nicer to have the surgery done and over with at an earlier age.
I would recommend calling around for the "best deal", but if you are comfortable with a certain vet, sometimes it is better to pay the higher charge for peace of mind.
I hope everything works out for you.
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You definitely want to go with a vet who realizes this is a more extensive surgery. Someone else can quote you a lower charge, and then add to it if they have to search more for his little parts. Best of luck with it!
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When the testicles don't show up where they are supposed to, the can be really hard to find. I went through all this with Sturgis, 3 surgery's, 1 ultrasound, and one testosterone test later we found the missing testicle when he was a year and a half. It can be very complicated to find it and that is why is costs so much.
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