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Problems with my new kitten!

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ok I got the sweetest little girl the other day. she has been nothing but good... goes in the litter box every time. I am not sure how old she is because she and her brothers and sisters were abaondon (so I was told). I have only had her for 2 days and I know for sure that she is very happy here and that she loves me.
My problem is this, she wants to be right by my face. right now she is sleeping on my chest. now I don't mind to much because I love her just as much as she loves me. but I am more wondering why she is doing this. I have never had a kitten that did this. If I put her onto my lap she just crawls back to my chest. I more worried about when she starts getting bigger.... any ideas?
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MAYBE she might like the sound of your heart, or the feeling...I have seen these toys and such made to do this, to sort of give the kitten something that reminds them of! She sounds like a real sweet cat though! Glad for you! lol!
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here is a pic of her the only time I got her to sleep on my lap. no name yet though
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She was an orphan, it's a comfort thing.
You can live with it, or get her one of the toys already mentioned above, or, you can go to a thrift store and find a working, old style wind up alarm clock.
Wrap the (ticking) clock in a towel or fleecey kitty blanket and give that to her to cuddle.

She's adorable, and grats to you on your new kitty.
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She is SO adorable! Make sure to get lots of pictures while she is young like that! I didn't have my digital camera at that point in time, so I didn't get pictures of Sherbert at that age! lol! Sorry to go sort of off topic there! lol!
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She may just need that security right now and once she feels more secure she'll be less of a "velcro" kitty. I say this because the little female Siamese I sent to my friend in California has been nicknamed Velcro Kitty by my friend. Tia only wanted to be around her neck but has settled now to being a lap cat.

Bijou was the same - he had to have his suckle on my neck every night before bed and then would curl up on my pillow laying half on my face. Now he has a wee lick on my neck and settled down beside me although he still likes to have his head on my pillow facing me.
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Just guessing here, but she does look to be around the 4 month mark...16 weeks or so. What a cozy-looking girl!!! She's a thankful you have a kitten is a hunter/stalker/killer-type. My legs have been shredded to pieces...he's kind of a bruiser, and feisty. Oh well. I'm hoping he mellows a bit once he's neutered in about 3 weeks.
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I don't have an answer for you, but when you find out, let me know! My Hannah loves to lay on my chest like a baby. I don't mind it if I'm just surfing on the web, but it makes it difficult to type on the keyboard sometimes. I just love when Hannah puts her paws up on my shoulder and then lays her head there and purrs in my ear!!

She is such a cutie!! What a sweet picture of her!

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actually the vets office I got her from said she was only about 5-6 weeks and she is alot smaller then she looks in that pic.... I'm starting to notice how velcro she really is I just tried to take a shower and she was just meowing like crazy until I pick her up and held her while I was in the shower.... and the amaing thing is she didn't seem to mind the shower.....but as soon as I put her down and walk away she cries......
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she also meows alot...........even when I am holding her....
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awww- It sounds like you have a bit of a vocal cat too, but probably just wants LOTS of attention! lol!
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our new kitty just stopped doing that recently. we found him about a week and a half ago and everytime he goes to sleep, he would always want to sleep on my chest or cuddle up against my neck. now, he's content to just lay beside me or in his cat bed.
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Zissou was like that too.
Your cat is thankful that someone has given her a forever home and she finally knows she's being taken care of. So of course she wants snuggles! Also, that's the warmest part of your body, and she loves listening to your heart beat as has already been mentioned.
As she grows up you'll start to miss it as she starts becoming independent and only comes to you when she feels like it, so enjoy it while it lasts.
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I wouldn't view that as a problem with your new kitten. She feels safe with you!
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be thankful that she feels that safe and secure with you. thats the way i wish spike was during the day spike will occasionally curl up with me during his naps, however, at "bedtime" he becomes just like your little girl.
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Just looked at your picture, I swear she is smiling. I think she will grow out of the velcro thing, she probably just needs to feel your love. Either way she is adorable!!!
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She needs her mom, and you are she! Cats, but specially kittens, see our faces and hands as 'us' and if they need to be really close that is where they go. The heartbeat is also important - she needs to hear that for reassurance that mom is close.
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Our new kitten does the same thing.. when me and jackie are on the couch, he gets on our check or neck and plomps down and falls asleep purring.. in bed, he curls up by our faces, when he's alone, he crawls under the blankets and falls asleep...
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It is the sound of your heart, the warmth of your body.Soak it up! it does'nt last for ever.....Maia does this to. Some kittens are more people kitties, I love Maia for this!
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