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bought new cat food.... advice

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Ok I got some new cat food after reading on here. I am going to start mixing it with the other food I have to switch them over.

it is from Walmart and called Maximum or something like that. has anyone heard of that????????? Is it good? I am hoping my cats eat less of it and poop less because of it like I have heard since I paid almost as much for the 8lb bag of that as I do for a 15lb- 20lb of the other "crap" I was buying.

But first ingredient was chicken I think and second said chicken meal (NOT BIPRODUCT at all)..............

Figure now that i know better I should get something better expecially with Angel pregnant!
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You are feeding a pregnant kitty?

First ingredient chicken meal would have been better, but those are pretty good first ingredients.
If the food in question is Maximum Nutrition, I have heard that it is not too bad (provided she'll eat it of course )

She should be eating kitten food though if she is pregnant.
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Arlyn----- yes think that is it. So chicken isn't best for a first? 2nd was chicken meal. first just said chicken.

She is only about 3 weeks along and was told on here as long as she had a GOOD food that was ok till she was about 5 weeks then switch to kitten food. Plus trying to figure out how to give her kitten food and NOT the other 3 since they are freefed and all fed together........
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Remember, chicken meal is whole chicken with the water removed, so more chicken by volume. It is ok though, those first two ingredients tell you there is a good amount of meat in the feed.

As for giving her kitten food and not the others, keep them all on the quality dry and put her in a bathroom 2-3 times a day with as much canned kitten food as she will eat.
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when should I start that? What brand kitten food? I am "new" at learning what is good and what isn't. heheee. Funny since I have had cats forever. used to feed iams but they were eating just as much of that as the cheap stuff so it was costing me an arm and a leg for 4 cats (heard they eat less if it is "good" food)
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If you know for certain she is pregnant, start now
You have a good foundation in label reading.
Brand doesn't matter as long as it's decent, fits in your budget, and she eats it.
Look for one that's high in meat and protien and low in grains.
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Thanks. read ALOT here to get that foundation.

Well she got out for 6 days (my 3 yr old let her out and she is an indoor cat and was gone 6 days) she was in HEAT so more apt to become preg. her nipples have gotten bigger that I can see them, fur is thinning around them, sometimes they are pink but others still look white (confusing to me), hasn't gone back into heat and her first day of that heat was almost 4 weeks ago (normally she is an every 2-3 week girl once it gets warmer), and she looks a tad thicker........ (but not really showing).

so I am ALMOST pos. but not 100% yet..... figure she should be showing by the end of the mo. according to the calendar. her first day out was 3 weeks 4 days (tomorrow morning) ago.........
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Dang girl you know your dates LOL
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Heheee. Those 6 days were LONG LONG days! And KNOW she was let out Tue morning and came home Mon night as it was a LONG 6 days. Plus wrote down the date so I would remember the first date out. LOL But knew this Tue was 3 weeks. heheee.
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I never keep track I take it that why I can not figure when Skittles is due
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Well she had only run out the door when we have noticed a few times before and we always got her right back in the house. One time she was out for about 2 hrs (not sure when that was) but once we noticed we found her in our side yard playing with the neighbors cat. LOL

But that was the ONLY time she was gone that long. And in all my years of owning kitties she was the ONLY indoor kitty that was ever gone that long so very tramatic for me. I had outdoor cats when I was younger (so about 20 yrs ago?) and one ran away and never came home and our kitten "followed" a couple days later and I found him dead in the "woods" right beside my school yard so also very tramatic (those were our last 2 outdoor kitties) so that is all I kept thinking of........
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You have a great mind. I am forgetful LOL
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