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amy---- wow what a hard choice! How long should it take her to recover from the URI? Hope she recovers FAST so you can get her spayed still. How far along will this vet do it up until?

Ok sounds like Angel. right now she is just thicker and every so often looks like she has a little roundness.
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It took Skittles 2 weeks to overcome it I am sorry Amy but I will say you are a great meowmy
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I'm glad you have her home, I hope she recovers in time to be spayed.
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Thanks everyone! The vet said about 7 days to recover. She acts like she doesn't feel good but it is not critical. I have to think about this one
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Amy--- thinking of you with your decision. it is always a hard one and stinks it has been made even harder on you.
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I am having a hard time now that she is showing. I contacted a Siamese Rescue just north of where I live. They will take her kittens, regardless of who the father is. The thing is she didn't get out 6 wks ago. She got out 3 wks ago and then hadn't escaped for 3 months before that (except for this week). I did have Cassidy neutered on his 5 month birthday. He is now almost 8 months. Because I thought Nina was spayed there was never an issue. I didn't see any mating behavior and never saw him mount her. Could he be the father? If Nina is 5-6 wks pregnant and he has been neutered for 2 1/2 almost 3 months is it still possible? Eye,Eye,Eye...what have I done?!
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He could be the she's 6 weeks along, it's possible he was still carrying some fertile sperm after his neuter, for several weeks.

Amy, do not beat yourself up over any of this. It has been one big unfortunate accident, and you've certainly done the best you could...add into the mix that she ran away for several days, and that only further complicates everything.

If it were me (and normally I wouldn't say this), I would allow her to have the's almost too late to really do anything else. There are a few organizations and rescues that will spay a queen in any phase of pregnancy, but that's a tough decision to make. If you choose to allow her to deliver, check into the possibility of finding a foster mommy through a rescue organization that can keep Nina and the kittens through the birth and up through the weaning process. After the delivery, have Nina spayed immediately...this may mean the kittens may have to be bottle fed temporarily, and that's okay. Once the babies have found homes, Nina can return home to you. I know that sounds like an awful lot of shuffling around for Nina, but it would take a load off your plate, and having Nina spayed either now (thus aborting the kittens), or immediately after the kittens are born, will be such a big relief to you.

It's up to you! Whatever you decide, we all understand. It's a tough position you're in, and we know whatever you do, you'll do it with Nina's best interest at heart.
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It wouldn't be so hard but it really hits close to home because I have these two abandoned mammas with kittens that no one wanted! Of course I want them all but that is not realistic. I hate to add to the unwanted kittens but my only bright thought is... being Siamese mix and possibly Ragdoll mix they will have a better chance at finding a good home. The Siamese Rescue I talked to is very strict on their adoption policies. They require written or verbal proof of landlord approval and take into consideration the length of time you have had your previous pets. Oh, I don't know what to do I don't believe in human abortion personally but I do believe in a persons personal choice and I know that cats are not humans...
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It won't make you a bad person to choose to have her spayed will be making your own personal contribution to help a HUGE problem across the world...which is the problem of cat overpopulation. Nina will be a healthier, more content cat once she is spayed, whether it is now, or right after she delivers her litter (if this is what you decide). If your gut tells you that you can't handle another litter right now, you're probably right...go with your gut. And if you're not sure what your gut is saying, wait until you know. These are hard questions, with no easy will need to sleep on it, I'm sure. But don't stress yourself out even more by giving Nina human attributes. In other words, if you're pro-life in terms of human babies, that's fine. But Nina's world is so much different than ours...they are not operating under the same moral principles that we have. It will not affect Nina's emotional stability, or give her a tremendous sense of loss or guilt if you choose to have her spayed just doesn't work the same way with cats as it does us, even though it is so easy to adopt the same moral values and belief systems that we have for ourselves for our pets. She'll be fine, no matter what you choose to do with the situation.

You will know what you have to do soon enough. Give it some more time, if you need. Go do something for yourself, and clear your head. Maybe after a cup of coffee, and some time sitting outdoors, or gardening, or soaking in the tub, you'll know. Or maybe after you look into Nina's eyes, and have a good heart-to-heart talk...this may sound corny, but my cats get regular talks from me. You know what they say, that a cat's eyes are the window to it's soul...I think this is true. Tell her you love her, and that you need some help from her deciding what should be done. Her face may give you some indication...I think sometimes they do understand our words so much more than we think they do (after I just get done talking about human morals vs. cat's...sheesh!!!).

Let us know what you think!
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Aw, Amy, I'm sorry you have to make such a hard decision. How many kittens/momcats do you have right now, and how old? Is it possible that some might be adopted out by the time Nina has hers? I think it's a good sign about the Siamese rescue. Cassidy looks to be part Siamese too...
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amy- I agree with Wookie. This is a personal choice. you need to do what is best for you and Nina right now. I have read on the boards males can be fertile for a mo. after being neutered. Why do they think she is 6 weeks? She definately doesn't look 3 weeks that is for sure. And couldn't be 3 mo........ Could it be a "false pregnancy" with all the hormones in the house?
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Wow, I didn't think this decisoin would be so hard. I know that the cats don't have the same emotions as us humans.
The Siamese Rescue is located in Santa Barbara which has a very wealthy population. I feel that makes a huge difference (but not always) in who will adopt a kitten. There is no doubt whoever the father is, they would be cute kittens...but I have 10 foster kittens and 2 foster moms right now. They have all had there first set of shots and the oldest bunch are due to be spay/neutered the first week of June. They will be adopted very soon, they are cute and social. The other 7 kittens aren't due to be spay/neutered until mid June. Nina's date (given by the vet) is the beginning of the 2nd week in June. I know she will be out of commission for a few weeks and we wouldn't even see the kittens roaming for at least a week so it is possible, maybe.
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Junior- that is a great question! I will ask the vet to do an ultrasound. Maybe it is a false pregnancy. She started peeing around the house right when they arrived. I will check into that. I am excited because that would totally let me off the hook
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If you are concerned about Nina's skills as a momma, maybe you could try and find a surrogate mom (small litter, or stillborn litter) in a rescue in your area. That would take some of the burden off of you. And who knows, maybe Nina will show she can be a good mom.

I'm sorry for this terrible and heart rending choice you've been given. Thank goodness that these darlings found you, to love and take care of them. I wish you all the luck in making your decision, and we at TCS are here for you and on your side no matter what decision you make. Hugs
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Amy---- glad I could help. I found info last night that said they will show ALL signs of preg. and from the hormones their bellies can get big. And it can go on (false preg) from 3-7 weeks! then one day their bellies will just start shrinking and they will go back to normal. Did the vet feel her belly though when he said she was definately preg? he may have felt the kittens in there then since they can feel them around 4 weeks into the preg.
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The vet is very good and intuitive. He said she was PG. That doesn't mean she isn't. I will just watch while she gets better. I wonder if being sick will tell the truth. If her body is busy fighting an infection, maybe it will stop focusing on being pregnant(if it is false). If it isn't a false pregnancy then I worry about the babies health.
I worried in the beginning about her ability to be a parent. I worried because she is sight impaired, anti-social (I didn't know she wasn't spayed) and just different. She isn't retarded, I think she wasn't socialized properly. Since her return yesterday, she is very loving and has been socializing with the others. It is almost like she came back a different cat. She still hisses at the kittens when they want to climb her but she is not hiding under the bed like she did before. She came to my bed this morning even though there were others in the room, that is huge for her.
I will just watch her as she recovers and see what happens.
I learned something: Always ask for paperwork and medical records, if not available, dont assume anything!!!
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Originally Posted by AMYSCRAZY
She was a pretty thin cat so she just looked thicker. She now looks pregnant. The vet said about 6 wks along but he said he wouldn't recommend spaying her now, until she is over the URI. I don't know what to do. I'm not sure what kind of a momma she would be and I am not up to raising another litter I will have to get her better first and go from there.
Amy, I am sure you will make the right decision. It almost seems like the choice is being taken out of your hands. But you can certainly still spay her later in the pregnancy if you decide to do it. I volunteer for a feral spay and neuther clinic...and they basically spay everyone.

Think about your feelings. There are pros and cons to both sides. You are currently overwhelmed with kittens, but like you may seem snobby, but litter meezer looking babies will be easy to adopt out!

Do not blame yourself at all for this pregnancy. You did the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time. I fully support you, whichever way you decide.
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Yeah, this is a tough one. The false pregnancy theory is a good just never know! That would be wonderful if that were the case.

Whatever you choose, Amy, we're behind you! You've done the best you can, and that's all you can do!
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