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Hi Y'all

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Just found this site today and quickly registered.. I have a 15 wk. old kitty, got him when he was 8 wks. I just posted a question about him on the "Behavior" section, so if you've got time, I'd appreciate if you'd lend your expertise/knowledge to my question. My kitty's name is Peetie, and he's adorable, full of trouble, but full of love too!! Just the way a kitten should be!!

The end of March, I had to put down my beloved Hurley after 14 years together. He had advanced kidney disease, and boy, was it hard to put him down, but I had to. He was suffering and it wasn't fair to hm. I really took it hard. I wasn't gonna get a new kitty for awhile, but I got a call from a kitty rescue group around where I live, and they said one of their rescued cats had given birth to kittens that had just turned 8 wks. Hey, I couldn't resist that offer!! So I'm now a new mom to Peetie! I'll try and post his picture when I get a chance.

I'll talk to you folks later.. Bye!
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Hi Peetie's Mom

Welcome to the Cat Site. I posted a reply to your other thread-I'm not quite sure it's an answer, but I hope it helps. One thing you can count on is that someone here will be able to help you!

Have a great day!
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Glad you didn't waste any time introducing yourself. I hope to see you posting often, either with advice or just joining us to chat in the Lounge.

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Hi, Peetie's mom! Aren't kittens fun? I'm glad you found the CatSite. We'll look forward to your input!
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Welcome to the site! Peetie sounds like a real doll, but all kittens are. We love hearing kitten stories, and especially love seeing pics.

I hope to see you posting often. It's really a nice bunch of people here, who can answer just about any question you could possibly have.
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Dear Peeties Mom

I just found this site just today also. Sorry to hear about Hurley. I lost my Jeremy just last December to kidney failure so I understand how you feel. I hope to see you around the forum.
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