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no weight gain

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A week ago today i got 4day old kittens that some one at my work found in her ditch. They were very wet (it was raining ) and qutie cold. Since then they have been eating well have had normal bowle movements. The day that i got them I weighted them: Lester- 105g , Maddie- 90g, Lucky- 110g,
Dolly- 100g,

I weighted them again today and was shocked! I thought that they had doubled in size but by the numbers i got it doesn't seem that way.
Lester-120g (he eats the best)
Maddie- 100g (she is the runt)
Lucky- 100g (he has lost 10g but he eats the same amount as lester)
Dolly- 100g (she never opens her mouth to nurse, i have to force the nipple in)

I swithed the formula i was using from Feline Mammalac powder to KMR liquid because it is easier to use.

Does any one have any idea as to why they are not gainning the reccomened 5-10g /DAY!! I have raised another littler before but they were two weeks old when i got them.

Thanks --Tinkerbell--

Ps: i feed them every 4 hours and they allways eat untill they are full- pot bellied.
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I believe the reason may be that being only 4 days old they are supposed to be fed every hour. Look on the formula mix or liquid and it should say. I just got done weaning a litter off formula and I know the time of feedings changed quite a bit depending on their age.
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sorry i messed up there they are one week old today! you think i should feed then every hour though?? on the formula for the KMR it says i should feed 2 tablespoons for every 100g over 4-6 feeding a day. does that sound right?
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They shouls definatly be fed every 1-2 hours until they are 3 weeks old I believe. When I raised the 4 kittens after the mother died, That is what the vet recommended, Also don't overfeed. Good Luck!
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okay. thanks. see my vet told me that they would be fine if i feed them then 6 hours! i didn't think that was right but it worked out for me becuase i have school in the morning. any suggestions as to get them to gain more weight? or juist feed them every hour.
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Also, if you're not using ready-to-use kmr, it may need more or less water to keep them hydrated or to make sure they are getting enough calories..... too much or too little water are equally bad.
Whenever I have raised orphan kittens I fed hourly the first week, every 2 hours the second week, every 3 hours the third week, every 4 the 4th week and began weaning at that time.
It worked out for me, but I would say someone like Hissy and several others here are more experienced and may have a system that works better.
Also, they need to be stimulated to pee and poop, if they aren't then they won't eat as much as they should.
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yes i do stimulate them and they do that quite fine.they had loose diarheea the first couple days but now they have "nice" poos. I use KMR ready to use formula. i guess i will have to start to feed them every hour them. right not i have to wake them to feed them- or else tehy will sleep for ever. is that a good thing to have to wake them?
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KMR is good stuff...
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