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Do you do this?

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So, I'm getting ready to leave tomorrow morning for a weekend conference and am frantically cleaning my house, so it looks nice when my mom comes by to check on the cats. Is that crazy, or what? Do you clean before you go out of town to be sure the place is decent for whomever takes care of the kitties?
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My mother got me in that habit young, whether or not anyone would be coming by the house. She said she didn't want to come back to a dirty house and have to clean as soon as she got back. Makes sense to me!
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Eli used to get on to me for cleaning before the cleaning people came when I was living at my aunts house... thing was, she had a boarder that was terribly messy and they would spend time cleaning up the stuff he'd left instead of vacuuming, dusting, mopping....
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Yup, I always clean up before we leave. I like to come back to a nice clean house, that way the weekend ends on a good note, instead of cleaning!
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Yes me too. I hate thinking about someone in my house and it being dirty. I can just imagine what they are thinking and it drive me nuts the whole time I am gone. So I am better off cleaning it so I'll have fun and just worry about the kitties and not the house being dirty. Also when I get back it's less I have to deal with.
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I did so the place smelled good when I got back.. haha
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I'm leaving in the morning also, and I have been cleaning all day!
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